Ahhhhhhhh!!! Bloody H***!!

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Bloody H***!!

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  • The Secret Of Your Period Revealed1

    The Secret Power Of Your Period Revealed

    Throughout history different cultures attitudes towards menstruation and menstrual blood have varied. This has ranged from menstrual blood being viewed as sacred, healing and powerful, to being feared as dangerous and unclean. This is the basis upon which the Jewish tradition deems women ritually unclean and impure whilst menstruating. Menstrual taboos from the Greco-Roman culture feared that menstrual blood soured …

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  • Femmecupone Indigogo Homeless Uk

    Femmecup One for One. Indigogo campaign for homeless women in the UK

    Please share http://igg.me/at/femmecupone for further details and to make a donation. This is starting on the 28th of november 2014 for 20 days only. Award winning UK business, Femmecup, today launches a campaign on crowd sourcing platform Indiegogo to raise at least £30,000 in order to become a fully-fledged ONE FOR ONE business. Femmecup is stocked in national retailers in …

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  • Is This Menopause

    Is This Menopause?

    If you are asking this question, then you are most likely between 45-50 years of age and you have noticed some changes in your menstrual cycle pattern and emotions. The medical definition of menopause is the cessation of menstrual periods and therefore, can only be diagnosed in retrospect. A general rule of thumb is that if you are over 45 …

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  • Tips On How To Ease Period Pain Naturally

    How To Ease Period Pain Naturally

    Many women experience pain just before and /or with the onset of their period. The pain can range from mild discomfort to debilitating pain. This could be felt as an ache and dullness in the lower abdomen and also in the lower back region. The aching and heaviness may also extend down into the groin and thighs. This can be …

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  • The Moon And Your Hormones

    Is There A Connection Between The Moon And Your Hormones?

    Our myths and legends, attribute many magical powers to the moon. And, I think that you would have to agree that, the sight of the beautiful luminous moon in our sky at night is indeed “magical”. Also, for thousands of years and throughout many cultures and nations, the moon has been linked to fertility, reproduction and growth. Consequently, the planting …

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  • Danger Of Tampons Use Menstrual Cup

    The Undeniable Health Risks Of Tampons & The Most Effective Natural Alternatives

    Handling menstrual flow is something that every women from every country and background has to deal with. Papyrus was first used in ancient Egypt, then reusable sanitary belts, and after that disposable pads. Most of these inventions had limited effectiveness until tampons were developed in the 1930′s which revolutionized feminine hygiene. Recent research though has shown that tampons can be …

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  • Mademoizelle Video Menstrual Cup

    Fun video by madmoizelle.com

    I’m happy to see more and more french videos about menstrual cups. It’s in French but subtitled in English. It’s called “Why switch to menstrual cups”. It gives you all the reasons why the menstrual cup is great :) It’s really witty and covers pretty much all the usual concerns around using tampons vs menstrual cups. Go to the orginal …

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  • What Can Your Menstrual Period Tell You About Your Health1

    What can your menstrual period tell you about your health?

    Did you know that the features of your monthly period can actually tell you a lot about your state of health? No? Well, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes this release of bodily fluids as a tremendous source of information as to what is going on in your body and energy systems. By keeping track of the cycle, as well as …

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  • Homemade Menstrual Cup Wash1

    Homemade menstrual cup wash

    Many menstrual cup brands made their own washing product or advice to just boil your cup in water to sterilize it. You can make your own little menstrual cup wash really easily and cheaply to minimize waste and to be sure of what’s in it. All you need it filtered water, lemon juice and a few drops of essential oil …

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  • Lunar Calendar Mooncup 2014

    Free Mooncup 2014 Lunar Calendar!

    Wishing you all a very happy festive period! with love from the Mooncup team :* About the Author Latest Posts by this author About Mandana Get to know more about the healthy, ecological and economic alternative to tampons and pads and other alternative feminine hygiene products. Femmecup One for One. Indigogo campaign for homeless women in the UK – November …

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  • Featured Image Meluna Starter Set

    Starter set from MeLuna. Buy 2 and SAVE money! Great for first timers or to share

    This starter set is perfect if you never used a cup and have no clue what size or style to get. This gives you the opportunity to buy 2 meluna cups at a discounted price (11.25€ instead of 15€). You can also share with a friend. You’ll both get the cup cheaper and will save on shipping fees since you’ll …

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  • “The Balconettes” with a personal problem…

    All-female comedy rock sensation The Balconettes with a little lament that some of you may recognize…Here is a funny song about Mooncup About the Author Latest Posts by this author About Mandana Get to know more about the healthy, ecological and economic alternative to tampons and pads and other alternative feminine hygiene products. Femmecup One for One. Indigogo campaign for homeless …

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  • Mooncup

    Rap battle from Mooncup

    One thing that most white-sheets-blue-liquid “feminine hygiene” ads certainly don’t have enough of? Rap battles. Luckily, British menstrual cup company Mooncup is here to rectify the situation with its latest ad campaign. Mooncup faces off against Tampon “menstrual product vs. menstrual product” in a rap battle that can only be described as epic. Tampon lashes out at Mooncup saying, “You’re …

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  • Picture Comparison Menstrual Cup

    Comparison picture between menstrual cups

    It’s hard somehow to have an idea how big menstrual cups are and the difference between them specially when we see them on separate picture in different scales. So here I took some pics myself with the help of a photographer to make it as clear as possible. Not all brands are here but the main ones, it’s enough to …

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  • Featured Image C String


    When I thought the world has already created all kind of ways to make uncomfortable underwear: I present you the C-string!! You wear the G-string not to show your panty lines on your bum, but what about the straps on your hips? You can now find now a rigid string shaped like a C that holds only by a stick …

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  • Userguide Menstrual Cup New Drawings2

    Our own illustrations for how to use your menstrual cup

    I was previously using the image from Miacup to show you how to use a menstrual cup. (Thank you Miacup for letting me!). I’ve got the amazing and talented French illustrator Celine Leroy from Paris to draw the notice guide for this website only. I love them and hope you will too. See the step by step guide in 6 …

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  • Vagina Song Mooncup

    Love your vagina song

    Fun Initiative from Mooncup UK Whatever you call your vagina, we think it deserves some love. That’s why we’ve written a song starring over 25 names submitted to the loveyourvagina poll, which asked women from across the world ‘what they call theirs’. You gave us 14,000 different names, and there are still more coming in every day! About the Author …

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  • Design Cups

    When art students design cups…

    I don’t know about the practicality of those but it looks like some fun piggy cups :D “Many of this year’s International Design Excellence Award winners created products that could have a global impact. In May, 20 of the world’s top designers ditched their day jobs and headed to Washington. There, over the course of three scorchingly hot days, they …

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  • Ovulation Calendar on your Iphone!!

    For those who are off birth control pills and are not taking hormones to not have their periods or god knows which other aberration…There is a fun Iphone application called the “Ovulation calendar” It helps you calculate your fertile days of the month, so you can achieve or avoid pregnancy. The calendar is based on the date of the last …

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