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FemmyCycle is the safe, cost effective menstrual cup that minimizes the mess and leakage thanks to its non spill design.

Short description:

Made in USA
100% medical grade silicone
Color: transparent
Size: 3 sizes
Capacity: 17.5ml and 30ml

The FemmyCycle is an innovative menstrual cup that is safe, cost effective, and most important, minimizes the mess and leakage associated with almost all other feminine sanitary products. FemmyCycle is ideal for active or athletic women and easy to use: when folded, It is shaped like a tampon making it easy to insert. Once inserted, it opens up to collect menstrual flow. You then simply remove it after 12 hours (or sooner depending on your flow) using the built-in removal ring. The FemmyCycle’s unique, non-spill-design collects and holds menstrual flow for up to 12 hours. Collecting menstrual flow rather than absorbing it eliminates the risk of toxic shock syndrome associated with tampons. The menstrual cup FemmyCycle can be worn during, sleep, exercise and other daily activities, so it is ideal for athletes and working women.

Femmycycle's features

  • Made From Medical Grade Silicone
  • Unique non-spill design simplifies use
  • Three sizes to suit every need
  • Larger capacity by smarter design
  • Minimal ridges and holes for easier cleaning
  • Vegan - no animal by-products.
  • Designed by top gynecologists

FemmyCycle Petite: If you have never been pregnant or have a tighter vaginal cavity, this size is for you.
Capacity: 17.5ml / Diameter: 31mm / Cup length: 38mm / Total length: 57mm

FemmyCycle Regular: If you've been pregnant or have a heavier flow choose this FemmyCycle.
Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 36mm / Cup length: 43mm / Total length: 63mm

FemmyCycle Low cervix:
Most menstrual cups interfere with a low cervix. This special version FemmyCycle was designed for maximum comfort and security, even if you have a low cervix.
Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 36mm / Cup length: 43mm / Total length: 50mm

How to insert Femmycycle

1) Sit on the toilet with your knees apart, or squat or stand with one leg raised on the toilet seat.
2) Close the lid of the FemmyCycle® and compress the Rim firmly, as shown in the figure.
3) Fold the rim at the notch into a tight “U” shape while gripping it firmly, trapping the air inside the receptacle. (The trapped air will help it to pop open when it is inserted inside the vagina.)
4) Hold the folded FemmyCycle® rim firmly with index finger and thumb, separate your labia with other hand and insert the FemmyCycle® slowly. This will help it to pop open.
5) Push the FemmyCycle® backward. Stop pushing once the removal ring enters your vagina.

NOTE: The FemmyCycle® is designed not to open completely. This will create suction to draw the flow into the device.
6) Once the FemmyCycle® is inserted into the vagina, the rim will open enough to collect your menstrual flow.
NOTE: The FemmyCycle® should sit in the lower part of the vagina as a receptacle for menstrual blood. 

How to remove Femmycycle

After 12 hours, or sooner, if you have a heavy flow. NOTE: Some women prefer to remove and change the FemmyCycle® in the shower.

Wash your hands and genitals as recommended before.

1) Insert one finger into your vagina, hooking it into the removal ring... (Bear down as if you are having a bowel move- ment. This will make it easier to remove.)

2) ... and pull it down gently.

3) Angle the FemmyCycle® down- ward during removal and hold it upright as shown in the Figure.

(If necessary, insert a second FemmyCycle® following steps 2-5 in the How to insert section.)

Open the FemmyCycle® lid and empty the contents into the toilet. Wash the FemmyCycle® with liquid soap and warm water, and rinse it. Allow it to air dry. Store the FemmyCycle® in its storage bag for later use. Do not use microwave, detergent, alcohol, or sharp objects to clean the FemmyCycle®.

Precaution: If the FemmyCycle® is inserted properly, it should not be felt. We recommend replacing the FemmyCycle® kit once a year and disposing of the used kit in the trash (not the toilet). With practice, insertion and removal of the FemmyCycle® should only take a few seconds. The FemmyCycle® should be used only during menstruation. It does not protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
We ship worldwide in a plain and discreet plain packaging. You will receive a tracking number for your order to be able to trace at all times.

UK, Ireland and Scotland: Registered Mail: €3,95 (3-5 days working days) or Courier: €5,95 (1-2 working days) via Royal Mail
Spain & Portugal: €4,95 via DPD 3-5 days.
Rest of Europe: €9,95 via DPD. Estimated delivery 3-5 days working days.
Rest of the world: 15€ via DPD Estimated delivery 7 working days or more depending on the country.
We offer a full refund on all faulty or damaged goods.
The FDA granted 510(K) clearance on November 15, 2012 to market The FemmyCycle®, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons. The FemmyCycle® enhances the quality of women’s lives by helping them better manage their periods. This recent winner of BIOCOM’s EXPO "Why Didn’t I Think of That?" Award was developed by Dr Alfred Shihata, founder of FemCap, Inc.
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