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One transparent Ladycup menstrual cup together with one Ladypad washable pantyliner 100% organic for only 29€, save 6€! FREE SHIPPING!

Special package available only on Menstrualcup.co!

One Ladycup with LadyPad pack includes:

  • 1 x Ladycup menstrual cup, size S(mall) or L(arge) 
  • 1 x LadyPad washable pantyliner
  • 1x 100% matching cotton bag 
  • 1 x LadyCup sticker multi-lingual instructions


>>>> More about Ladycup menstrual cup:

Made in Czech Republic
100% medical grade silicone
Size: S, L
Color: Transparent

S(mall) for women who have not given birth to a child or women up to 25 yo.
Capacity: 21.2ml / Diameter: 40mm / Cup length: 47mm / Total length: 68mm 

L(arge) for women who have given birth to a child or who are over 25 yo. 
Capacity: 34.3ml / Diameter: 44mm / Cup length: 53mm / Total length: 70mm   

The stem, of size 19 (L) and 13mm (S), can be shortened arbitrarily to the length you find most suitable. It can as well be entirely removed. Use a sharp knife or scissors to shorten the stem, pay attention and shorten the stem properly so that no damage to LadyCup occurs!


>>>> More about LadyPad pantyliner:

Made in Czech Republic
Organic Bamboo (70%) and Certified Organic Cotton (30%)
Available in 4 sizes and various colors

XS (extra mini) 180x200 mm
S (mini) 190x220 mm
M (day) 190x245 mm
L (night, postpartum, incontinence) 210x265 mm

Thin, super soft and absorbent, the one-piece washable pantyliner is ideal for light, daily protection, or for those times when your menstrual cup is not available.
This breathable pantyliner is comfortable, easy to wash and easy to use.

LadyPad pantyliners are machine or hand washable and safe to put in the dryer. Wash your new LadyPad once before using. You can expect to last for up to 3–5 years following care instructions. Zip-lock laundry bag for washing LadyPads. 

The print side of LadyPad pantyliner touches your underwear. Fold the wings over the crotch and close the snaps. Incorrect placement may result in reduced comfort and performance of the LadyPad pantyliner. Please note that in case of menstruation liners are not intended to be worn without pad. Place one of the inserts inside the holder. LadyPad are a perfect choice for incontinence too.

We ship all over the world this special offer for FREE!!! All products are shipped via Czech Post from Czech Republic and further via national postal service in each country of the world. Delivery time is about 5-7 days to Europe and 12-14 days for the rest of the world.
Guarantee for the material is 2 years. The lifetime of the product is up to 15 years, given its regular and proper maintenance. In case you choose the wrong size, we will replace your LadyCup free of charge.
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