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Product description

Soft Tampons mini dry by JoyDivision
ideal to wear in the sauna, at sports and all other activities during menstruation
1pc or box of 10pcs

Soft Tampons are the result of a systematic and constant research and thus represents the latest developments in gynaecology for a pleasant and hygienic intercourse during menstruation. 
Soft Tampons are not perceptible by the partners during sex and are highly suitable as a medium where to apply contraceptive gels and put them in place.

Advantages of using Soft tampons
  • very simple to use
  • comfortable and pleasant to wear. They excel thanks to both their soft and delicate spongy material and their low weight of two grammes.
  • made of sterile hygienic material, they contain zero chemical substances, that can cause irritations.
  • made of an innovative toxinfree and environmental friendly spongy material
  • highly absorbent - in spite of their low weight – higher than average.
  • adapts perfectly to the female anatomy
  • suitable for use in saunas and when swimming
  • made in Germany
  • dermatologically and clinically tested, show evidence on the outstanding skin compatibility of Soft Tampons
  • cannot be felt by the partner during lovemaking
  • ideal for use with contraceptive gels


Worldwide shipping via Deutsche post with tracking number.

2.90€ within Germany
5.80€ within Europe
6.80€ for the rest of the world.

This is the starting price of shipping, it depends on the quantity your order, your shipping fee will be calculated at checkout.
Delivery usually takes only 1 day within Germany, 5 days within Europe and between 10-40 days for the rest of the world, depending on destination.

Who is behind Joy division

The vision of innovative, high-quality, sensually erotic products that increase people's desire for and fun in sex; that pose no risk to health; that offer consumers previously unknown advantages; that do not negatively impact on the environment; and that offer retailers the opportunity of making their offering more attractive: this is what motivated Oliver Redschlag to lay the foundations for JOYDIVISION.

Our greatest aim is customer satisfaction. – We are only satisfied once our customers are satisfied.

Expertise, quality, and the quest for continual improvement form the foundation of our commercial success.

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  1. Juste super bien !

    Publicado por Amosita on 6th May 2015

    Enfin une solution "naturelle" pour pouvoir faire des câlins avec son partenaire pendant le cycle (parfois on habite loin et le weekend tombe mal!) Il faut juste ne pas être timide pour aller le récupérer... Mais bon, il suffit de se mettre sur les toilettes et de pousser pour le faire un peu descendre et hop, c'est réglé ! Étant utilisatrice de la cup, ce n'est vraiment pas ce qui m'a freiné ! Ce n'est pas saaaale, non c'est ton corps !

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