Links about menstrual cups

about menstrual cups.
Wondering where to buy your menstrual cup in a store? see this Google map of all known stores in the world that stock menstrual cups, including Lunette, DivaCup, Mooncup, JuJu, MeLuna, Femmecup, Maggacup, InCiclo, and Luvur Body.
Menstrual cups investigated, researched, and compared in a list of the top 10 menstrual cups currently manufactured around the world.
One of the biggest forum about menstrual cups. I am active on it as well.
Tons of infos and cup reviews by Melissa. You can see her review videos on her youtube channel.
Make sure you visit her forum
Sarah is a dancer, yoga teacher, environmentalist, bike enthusiast, and menstrual cup advocate. She met Toni and decided to ride bicycles together from Albany, NY to Ann Arbor, MI with a budget of 3$/day. They went on this bike trip, with more of a purpose: to bike down the West coast and talk to women that we meet along the way, make woman-to-woman connections and convince them to switch to using a menstrual cup.

Links about menstruation
Are you wondering what you look like inside when you are menstruating? This website shows you a picture of the cervix of a 30 year old woman everyday of her 23 days cycle.
Send your period story video by April 5th 2015 for an upcoming documentary film about periods! Everyone over 16 can participate.

You ARE loved
Toxic shock syndrome awareness website. Lisa Elifritz lost her 20 year old daughter Amy Rae Elifritz to tampon related Toxic Shock Syndrome.
is an organisation which links women and the environment and is especially concerned with issues concerning women’s health and reproductive systems.

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Think we can’t live without plastic? Think again. In 2007 I committed to stop buying any new plastic & I’ve almost succeeded! Won’t you join me? Let’s see what plastic-free looks like in 2012… for the health of our bodies, our oceans, our planet. ~Beth Terry
A Greener Festival is a a not-for-profit company committed to helping music and arts events and festivals around the world adopt environmentally efficient practices.