LadyP is an hygienic reusable device for women to pee while standing up. Easy to use, suitable for every woman! Very portable, always ready in your handbag or backpack. Hygienic: no more germs from the toilet seat! Add ladyP matching pouch for only 5€ extra.


LadyP is a safe, reusable and environmentally friendly female urination device/Pee funnel.

Made in Czech Republic
100% medically safe, Latex-free, BPA-free and Phthalates-free
Dimensions: Size: 95 mm tall, 60 mm wide and 154 mm long
Basic color: Orange Neon, Green, Lilac, Pink, Turquoise
Optional matching pouch for 5€ extra: Practical, sport-style case designed especially for storing LadyP. Just insert it, roll in and close with Velcro. Includes a small clip to attach it to your clothes or anywhere to keep it handy.

Do you have to pee? and…

… no bathroom in sight?
… Are you waiting in a queue and can’t hold it any longer?
… Have you found a toiled that repels you?
… Do you urgently need to pee but have a ski suit on?
… Do you pursue a sport or job where you can’t “spend a penny”?
… Are you fishing? Sailing? Bicycling? Camping?
… Are you physically disabled?
… Do you have to provide a urine sample to your doctor?
… Are you pregnant?
… Are you going to a concert?
… Adverse weather?

LadyP key features

• Practical “handle” for better handling or hanging.
• Rounded edge for improved sealing.
• Narrow tube for safe outlet of urine.
• Reusable and environmentally friendly – LadyP lasts up to 15 years when maintained properly.
• Storable thanks to a flexible material!
• 100% medically safe thanks to the use medical grade silicone!
• No latex allergies! BPA-free! Phthalates free!
• Simple maintenance!

LadyP is for me because…

I have a hip replacement
I have broken my leg
I have had an amputation
I am obese
I suffer from urinary incontinence
I have a small bladder
I am physically impaired
I am wheelchair-bound
I am bedridden for a long time
I am pregnant
I need to provide a urine sample to my doctor
I drive
I am a sport pilot
I am a policewoman
I am a soldier
I am at a festival or concert
I play golf
I ski
I ride horses
I am a mountain climber
I run long-distance tracks
I am sailing
I am camping
I am hiking

How to use the female urination device LadyP?

No complicated learning is necessary! It is very natural to use! However, if you want to be ready, try LadyP out at home the first time, in the shower, for example. Find your most convenient position! Using it for the second time will be even easier!

Hold LadyP with your fingers on the front and back side, place it against your body to seal it along the entire perimeter, particularly on the sides and on the back. Do not apply excessive pressure on one spot in order to avoid a leak on another spot.

1. Place LadyP against your body to ensure full sealing
2. Direct in the right direction and use
3. Place back in the case or a plastic bag for the next use (if possible, wipe with a wet intimate tissue or wash with water and intimate hygiene soap)

Recommended maintenance

Simple! Wash or rinse your female urination device LadyP with water.
LadyP can even withstand boiling or sterilisation!
Remember that urine is sterile! Rinse and let LadyP dry or wipe dry. Place in the case, roll it and close (if you cannot dry it, insert it in a plastic bag)


Worldwide shipping from 2.99€ via Czech Post from Czech Republic and further via national postal service in each country of the world with tracking number. Delivery time is about 5-7 days to Europe and 12-14 days for the rest of the world. Final shipping cost will be calculated at checkout depending on the quantity you order.


This LadyP pack contains:

  • 1 x LadyP (choose color)
  • 1 x matching zipper pouch +5€ (if you select that option)
  • 1 x multi-lingual instructions


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