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Product description

Herbs in this tea have been developed by leading herbal experts for helping to ease the PMS symptoms. Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, describes symptoms a woman may have a few days before her menstrual cycle, including tender breasts, bloating, cramps, mood swings, and headaches.

Made in Germany with Love. The herbs are being sourced from different locations around the world from certified, high quality suppliers. Each herb is being tested in terms of taste, smell and intensity from different suppliers. We select the best quality available on the market. This allows us to offer well-tasting and functional herbal teas that are rich in essential oils, bittern and other valuable ingredients.

Pack contains 50g. Makes 25-30 cups of tea.
Drink 2-3 cups per day in the week before your period.
Can also be used a few days into your period.

2 teaspoons per 200ml boiling water, leave to brew 10-12 minutes and strain.
Avoid during pregnancy and lactation. This product can cause photosensitivity. When on medication, consult a doctor before intake.

Ingredients: Lady’s Mantle, Yarrow, St. John’s Wort, Balm, Silverweed, Peppermint


Your parcel will be shipped from Germany via Deutsche Post.
Germany: 3€ flat fee.
Rest of the world: 4€ flat fee.
Delivery time depends on your location but is usually around 3-4 days in Germany and 10-15 days for the rest of the world.


Femna offer a full refund on all faulty or damaged goods and a 30 days return policy on your Femna Teas as long as the product seal is still intact.

Who is behind Femna

Femna was founded by Emily Casey and Maxie Matthiessen, two female entrepreneurs passionate about women's health. Femna is for all women who live sustainable and healthy lifestyles. Femna is for all women who experience hormonal issues and want to treat them naturally.
We believe that ailments like menstrual cramps, heavy periods, PMS, cycle fluctuations and menopausal discomfort need not be tackled with popping pills. The range of natural alternatives is huge and effective, giving women the opportunity to feel good, naturally.
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