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Product description

Formoonsacup menstrual cup
Made in Taiwan
Size: S, M, L
Pack of 2 Formoonsacup you can choose cups S+M or S+L
Washable reusable Pantyliner:  19cm waterproof pantyliner, absorbent sheet inside: 80% cotton + 20% polyester, waterproof sheet inside: TPU, Flower pattern covering sheet: 100% cotton

One Formoonsa Cup pack contains:

  • 2 menstrual cup Formoonsacup (S+M or S+L)
  • 1 100% coton pouch with print
  • 1 reusable pantyliner with floral print
  • User guide in Chinese and English

Formoonsa Cup is manufactured in Taiwan and is the first ever menstrual cup brand from Taiwan. The dimensions are specifically tailored and designed to fit the Asian woman’s body. To reduce your fear at first use, we’ve pioneered the “training cup” concept. This is for you to be able to practice how to fold, insert and remove the cup before you gain confidence in using the “Standard Cup” and/or “Large Cup”. So you can experience a restriction free menstrual cycle!

Features of the Formoonsacup

  • Shape like “Lily of the Valley” with delicate and lovely designs. Inward Cup Fold No Spill Design (lid is closed during use).
  • Made in Taiwan, manufactured with 100% medical-grade silicone, a soft and comfortable material.
  • Holds US patent license authorization for inward cup fold with no spill design. Does not contain air holes and does not spill easily.
  • Have volume markings, easier for woman to observe their blood flow and manage their own health. (Standard Cup’s volume markings are 10ml and 20ml, Large Cup’s volume markings are 10ml, 20ml and 30ml).
  • Helps you feel clean and fresh during your menstrual period. Doesn’t affect the vagina’s natural ability to self-lubricate. It won’t dry out the vagina mucosa.
  • Continuous use up to 12 hours, it can hold more menstrual blood compared to the traditional sanitary items. It decreases the frequency of replacement and inconvenience upon use. It can be used while sleeping,
    exercising and live your day-to-day life restriction free. (Depending on each individual’s menstrual flow, you may empty the cup in less than 12 hours).
  • With proper care it is reusable for up to 5-10 years. Compare to the traditional sanitary products, the longer it is used the less it cost and the more environmentally friendly it becomes!

▲Cup rim does not contain any air holes; once the cup is inserted it will expand sufficiently to collect menstrual blood
▲The cup rim is designed with an concave mark, making it easier for you to fold the cup prior to insertion
▲Removal ring is designed to help you remove the cup, please do NOT cut it off

How to use the Formoonsacup

  1. First, close the lid by simply folding it inward. That way it activates the no spill design preventing menstrual blood from over spilling over upon use.
  2. After the lid has been closed, fold on cup the following way for better insertion.
  3. Firmly hold the folded cup using the index finger and thumb, spread the labia using the other hand, slowly insert the cup
  4. Once the removal ring is fully inserted into the vaginal canal, you can stop. Use the vaginal muscles to hold and position the cup correctly
  5. To remove slightly press on the cup’s lower receptacle area or side to release the suction. Insert finger into the vaginal canal, hook the finger onto the removal ring, gently shake the cup from side to side, and pull down.
  6. Open lid into flower shaped cup to empty its content, use clean water or other methods to clean.


S: For practice or ligh blood flow
Capacity: 10ml / Diameter: 36mm / Cup length: 55mm / Total length: 70mm
For woman 30 years of age and younger or low blood flow
Capacity: 20ml / Diameter: 44mm / Cup length: 54mm / Total length: 73mm

For woman 30 years of age and older, high blood flow, or prior natural delivery experience
Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 48mm / Cup length: 52mm / Total length: 73mm

Choosing which cup to use depends on your menstrual flow. When using the S Cup and feel that the removal ring is too long, you can switch to the M or L Cup where the removal ring is shorter.


Worldwide shipping for 12€ via national Taiwan Post in a plain and discreet plain packaging.
You will receive a tracking number for your order to be able to trace at all times.
Estimated delivery 7 working days or more depending on the country


We garantee a quality product, if your parcel is lost we will reship at our cost. if you receive the product and for some reason want to ship it back at your own cost, we will will refund you if the cup seal remained intact.

Who is behind Formoonsacup

Until recently strick laws in Taiwan made menstrual cups impossible to buy. As the BBC's Grace Tsoi explains, that might be about to change thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. Current laws state that the government has to respond if the online petition gains more than 5,000 signatures in 60 days. Ms Shih's petition gained more than 6,000 signatures in two weeks.

Thanks to Vanessa Tseng, the founder of Formoonsacup, the government in February 2017 lifted the ban on the sale of menstrual cups following an online campaign launched by 35-year-old Vanessa Tseng Ying-fan (曾穎凡). A unique inward cup fold No spill design.

Vanessa Tseng: “I want Taiwanese women to have more choices and I want them to understand that they can be more active in fighting for their rights — not just waiting for good things to fall into their laps,”

See the article About Vanessa Tseng in BBC
Write a review

  1. One of the best designed cup on the market

    Posted by Ella on 9th Feb 2019

    These cups are one of the most beautiful, nicely designed cups on the market. They are also very comfortable and easy to use. The practice cup is so adorable and at the same time its perfect for my light days. The regular and the large cup is good for my first few days when my flow is heavier. The customer service for the Formoonsa cup company is also a 5 star experience. They are super helpful and kind. I ordered my cup on the 29th (Tuesday) and received on the 4th (Monday) so the posting was speedy as well and its tracked!
    Please note, that regular cup is slightly softer than the large cup. But all of the Formoonsa cup, including this cute tiny one are super comfortable.
    The pattern of the pouch and the pad is really cute. Its random, so you dont get to choose it, but all of the design they have are really beautiful. On each pouch there is a little "quote".
    I have 2 pouches/ 2 sets of Formoonsa cup and one says "Cheers", this is a very cute Hedgehog pattern pouch, and the other one which is a little blue pouch with small white flowers on it says " Live, Love, Lough". These little messages or "quotes" can make your day :)
    I would definitely recommend this cup to everyone, even for beginners.

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