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Сделано в Словении
100% силикон медицинского назначения
Размеры: S,M,L
Основной цвет: Прозрачный
Цена = 29,99€ - Сэкономьте 10€ при покупке 2 чаш


• LaliCup box containing your cup with a pretty zipper pouch in different colors of your choice.
• A non-fabric pouch with zipper to keep your cup clean and easy to transport.

Good for you, environmentally friendly and socially responsible!
A new menstrual cup LaliCup with a special mission: to ensure all women a carefree life at the time of menstruation.

Why use Lalicup?

  • It folds easily into a smaller shape for insertion, the cup has 12 vertical lines to folds easily into a smaller shape for insertion, and like a flower, it opens up easier in the vagina,
  • thanks to the innovative design it has great capacity and therefore it doesn’t leak in a case of a stronger menstrual flow,
  • There are three different sizes: S, M, L
  • It offers larger holes at the the top of the cup in order to easily maintain its cleanliness,
  • It has a soft and elastic stem, which doesn’t annoy or interrupt the walking and it helps to remove the cup easily
  • A cup is made of a smooth medical silicone and it is placed in a pouch with zipper that does not accumulate germs, allergens or other impurities; in comparison with some other cups it is easier to maintain its hygiene,
  • It is the first cup, designed and produced in Slovenia, of which we are especially proud.
S: for women with light menstrual flow. It is suitable for teenage girls who haven’t had sexual intercourse yet, haven’t given birth yet and have smaller physical constitution.
Capacity: 27.4ml / Diameter: 40,3mm / Cup length: 46mm / Total length: 71,5mm

M: for women who have normal to strong menstrual flow or have already given vaginal birth.
Capacity: 36,5ml / Diameter: 44,2mm / Cup length: 51mm / Total length: 73mm

L: for women who have very strong menstrual flow and have already given vaginal birth.
Capacity: 40.1ml / Diameter: 46mm / Cup length: 52mm / Total length: 73mm

The measuring lines for capacity with milliliters is written on external side of the cup:
Model S has 2 lines: for 5ml and 15ml
Model M has 2 lines: 5ml and 15ml
Model L has 2 lines: 10ml and 20ml
We are shipping orders anywhere in the world from Slovenia via Slovenian Post with tracking number. Delivery usually take 3-7 days all over the world.
Exchange and returns are dealt with individually, we do the maximum to keep our customers happy. If your cup has a manufacturing defect we´ll change it, but we have to make sure the problem is not related with an inappropriate cleaning process.

Security: Lalicup is a quality and safe, made from medical-grade silicone, which is approved by the FDA for medical use, in accordance with ISO 10993 and USP Class VI. Silicone is hypoallergenic, free of toxic contaminants, biocompatible, safe and durable. Manufacture of Lalicup is placed in Slovenia with the most modern and properly maintained injection molding machines by appropriately qualified staff.
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  1. Great for a high cervix

    Размещено Trisha on 13th Jan 2017

    I have 7 cups and this is my favorite. The grip rings serve their purpose well. The stem is easy to find and grip if you have a higher cervix. This is the only cup I have where the grip rings at the bottom of the cup are useful to grab on to and keep hold of for removal. The cup pops open easily for me when inserted. The higher capacity of the large size helps me have a leak-free day. I love this cup!

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