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Product description

Menstrual cup Lily Cup
Designed in Sweden / Made in China
100% medical grade silicone
Size: A, B
Color: Light pink (A) / Fushia (B) 

One Lily Cup pack contains:

  • One menstrual cup Lilycup compact.
  • An antibacterial, anti-stain storage pouch to keep your cup clean and easy to transport.
  • Detailed user manual.

Lily Cup Compact is the first menstrual cup that collapses flat into its protective case, which fits even the smallest purse.
Collecting rather than absorbing menstrual flow, it respects your intimate balance and does not cause the dryness often associated with tampons. Lily Cup Compact is made from medical-grade silicone that is so soft and thin, you won’t even feel it when it’s inside. It offers up to 10 hours of hassle-free protection, day and night. What’s more, because Lily Cup Compact is reusable, it is both eco-friendly and economical.

Lily Cup Compact collapsible menstrual cup


There’s a Lily Cup Compact to suit every woman!
Size A: women who have not given birth or for those who have given birth by Caesarean.
Capacity: 18ml / Diameter: 42mm / Cup length: 48mm / Total length: 58mm

Size B: women who have given birth vaginally or for those who have been diagnosed with a weaker pelvic floor.
Capacity: Capacity: 23ml / Diameter: 45mm / Cup length: 48mm / Total length: 58mm.


Worldwide shipping flat fee : 8.90€
Depending on the country of delivery we will use different courrier.

UPS or DHL for EU
DHL or EMS for Asia

Orders are usually shipped within 2 days of receiving an order. Most orders will be delivered within 5 days of shipment, but be aware that this can vary depending on country. All products are discreetly packaged with no direct mention of the nature of the products inside.


ll products are manufactured at a European-managed factory in China that complies with international standards and uses the highest quality materials. They are Hypoallergenic, phthalate and BPA-free. If your Intimina product is covered under our one-year warranty policy, defective items may be returned within 1 year of receipt for credit, exchange, refund or replacement

Who is behind Lily cup

Intimina is a Swedish brand that offers the first and only range of products dedicated exclusively to all aspects of women’s intimate health. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive collection of products and information for women at every stage of life, from the first menstruation to beyond menopause. To ensure that every product created at Intimina is medically informed, we benefit from the research and oversight of our Medical Advisory Board. Since our launch in 2009, the Intimina brand has rapidly expanded, fulfilling our aim to make intimate care products accessible to women around the world.

Discover Lily Cup, The only menstrual cup that can be rolled as thin as a tampon!

Lily Cup offers 12 hours of non-stop protection and accommodates your lightest to heaviest flow. Inspired by nature, it has a unique shape that perfectly fits the female form. Its advanced design features, such as the non-spill rim, make insertion easy and removal a breeze.

Lily Cup menstrual cup

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  1. It's so practical!!

    Publicado por Karen L. - USA on 12th Aug 2017

    I got this lily cup compact as a present, I was already using menstrual cups and thought that was a funny gadget, I have a silicone kitchen funnel looking just like it.

    I was worried about the insertion being messy (folding on itself etc) but it's really great, it goes in really easily, seals just fine. The silicone is extra soft, feels really nice. And it fits in my wallet.

    I really recommend it. Go for it!

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