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Product description

Menstrual cup Louloucup
Made in France 
100% medical grade silicone
Size: S, L
Color: turquoise, Pink
Shore: 40

One Louloucup pack contains:

  • 1 menstrual cup Louloucup
  • 1 100% coton pouch with print
  • User guide in French


S: for young women with a light flow.
Capacity: 25ml / Diameter: 42mm / Cup length: 45mm / Total length: 70mm

L: for women with a heavier flow and/or who have given birth vaginally.
Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 46mm / Cup length: 50mm / Total length: 70mm


Your parcel will be shipped from France via La Poste.

2€ flat fee for Europe

Delivery time depends on your location but is usually very quick.
You will be given a tracking number to track your parcel at all times.


Louloucup offer a full refund on all faulty or damaged goods and a 30 days return policy on your Louloucup as long as the product seal is still intact.

Who is behind Louloucup

Louloucup is an eco-friendly and vegan company. Louloucup is not tested on animals.

We share the desire to build a better future, a life that would not endanger our resources and the well-being of our planet. We have the desire to provide women with alternative solutions. Louloucup has been designed to accompany active and modern women who have decided to make responsible choices. As a company, we make the daily choice to bring the best quality to our customers with a minimal impact on the environment.

Louloucup is manufactured in France under strict hygiene conditions in a factory authorised to manufacture medical applications in accordance with ISO 13485 standards. At Louloucup, we believe that all women should have access to a quality menstrual cup, made under strict hygiene conditions. We do our best to keep our prices reasonable while providing the best quality possible.

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