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Dispiace questo articolo è attualmente esaurito.

Secret Ceres è un bastoncino erbale che tonifica le parti intime stimolando il meccanismo di pulizia e rigenerazione del tessuto vaginale in modo completamente naturale.

Come utilizzare Secret Ceres?

Secret Ceres è facilissimo da usare. Si inserisce come un assorbente interno. Istruzioni per l'uso dettagliate sono incluse nella confezione..

Passo 1: Lava le parti intime con acqua
Passo 2: Bagna Secret Ceres in acqua corrente e inseriscine 3/4. Tienila per 1 minuto.
Passo 3: Rimuovi lo stick. Sentirai un leggero fremito e un effetto "restrizione" solo pochi minuti dopo.
Passo 4: Pulisci Secret Ceres con un asciugamano asciutto e pulito e rimettilo nella confezione.

Di cos'è fatto?

Secret Ceres è fatto di ingredienti naturali quali melograno, carbonato di calcio e caolino. Sostiene il meccanismo di pulizia proprio della vagina e la ringiovanisce. Gli ingredienti di Secret Ceres hanno proprietà benefiche per rigenerare e nutrire la vagina e contengono proprietà anti-infiammatorie, promuovendo anche il desiderio sessuale. Mantengono le parti intime pulite, fresche e soffici. Secret Ceres ha proprietà antisettiche, deodoranti e rigeneranti per cui se lo si utilizza durante un'infezione vaginale lo si può riutilizzare anche ad infezione passata per le sue proprietà antibatteriche ed antisettiche. 

Per più informazioni sul bastoncino erbale Secret Ceres leggi l'articolo del nostro blog "Secret Ceres".

Spedizioni in tutto il mondo tramite Deutsche post
10€ per tutto il mondo.

La consegna impiega 2-5 giorni in Europa e 10 giorni per il resto del mondo. 1 giorno solo per la Germania.
Acquisto senza rischio grazie alla garanzia!
Se per qualsiasi motivo il vostro Secret Ceres si perde sulla strada della consegna vi rispedisco un sostituto. (Non è mai successo, ma non voglio che vi preoccupiate che ciò accada - sei garantita al 100% che riceverai Secret Ceres all'interno di una bella confezione molto discreta!)
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  1. Love this thing!

    Scritto da Nuru Adam su 7th Aug 2017

    I used this inconsistency initially but I did notice all of the changes. Following a recent bout of thrush, conventional medicine did not deliver after a week's treatment. Admittedly my adherence was low because I couldn't be arsed. I then thought why don't I try the 6 days twice a day recommendation for infections and maintain at twice a week. Let me tell you, I think my thrush has gone, my libido is crazy, my breasts look seemingly fuller than usual - my bf was the first to notice. All in all, my body is delivering results I never thought possible. I now cannot recommend this product enough. Absolutely love it!

  2. Secret ceres one year on

    Scritto da Jojo su 26th Jul 2017

    Hi there I bought this stick last year it's a fantastic find, I've just repurchased another, I've got or should I say I had an infection in the crease of my leg which kept moving around leaving scars. I've used this two days for, 90 seconds alternate days after bathing make sure u wet it and twist every, 30 seconds to make sure it's still moist inside as too dry would make it stick and be hard to get out not to mention painful but 60"second s will be fine I just as my body needs. My infection has healed on day 3. I just gently rolled it on the infected area an let it dry out before getting dressed, the scaring is hardly noticeable it's amazing how fast it heals so yes 100% miracle for me I also look glowing. With less. Acne on my face every lady should. Have secret. It's excellent worth every penny. Don't buy from ebay or amozan there not the real deal I tried them they turned to much in water cheap immatation. Hope this helps oh and yes it tightens and freshens. Go buy one ul be glad u did, joannr

  3. Secret ceres

    Scritto da Joanne age 44 su 19th Aug 2016

    Wow I'm absolutely amazed at this product in fact I'm almost speechless I used it on my face as I have painfully acne. It haven't been 24hours an my acne has almost gone I applied it. 3times through day an night as I'm bad sleeper, when I woke it was like a major miracle I kid you not. My skin looks amazing. I inserted it into my vagina after taking bath on the evening it. Arrived for 90seconds slowly twisted it side to side for it to come out. I'd advise everybody to take bath before using this as you could have problems taking it out, only insert it 3quarters of into the vagina otherwise ul not get it back out, it has to be rinsed in warm water prior to insertion. Leaving it any longer than this could lead to serious problems not to mention pain, after use rinse the ceres then dry it putting it back in its pouch, after I used it I experienced tummy ache a little bit like minor period pain. So I'm guessing this is cleansing taking effect. It lasted about an hour but eased off after while, I haven't had periods since I had radio therapy 5yrs ago for throat cancer. So il keep you posted on this as they may now return after using this natural cure it's money well spent every women should own secret ceres it's worth every penny. The difference in tightness below is really noticeable to me, I'm single so couldn't speak for my partner hahaha, anyway ladies my review is from the heart. 100% must have ul be amazed an happy at the results big high 5,from me xxx

  4. Thank you!!!

    Scritto da Celia (34 yo), Amsterdam su 11th May 2013

    After the birth of my son my vagina had become so loose that even the largest tampon size would not fit me anymore. Thus, one of my girlfriends gave me the magic stick. What a relief…the stick has been my rescue! I am indefinitely indebted to you!

  5. Incredible!

    Scritto da Johanna, Stuttgart (Germany) su 11th May 2013

    My vagina has always been very dry and my skin would break when having Sex. Most of the times I would start bleeding and it was generally uncomfortable for me. Since I tried Secret Ceres I am completely overwhelmed. Immediately after the use I was surprised because I became so tight that it scared me at first. I thought I had worsened my original problem, since my vagina felt dry on top of it. But within 1 day the entire skin inside of my vagina shed off and regenerated and renewed itself and became supple and soft. During intercourse I now become nice and wet, so my skin won’t break anymore. You don’t imagine what it means to me. To my boyfriend Secret Ceres is the 8th world wonder, since our sex had always been anything but relaxed so far. Incredible!

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