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Fabriquée en UE
100% silicone médical
Taille: Petite, Large
Couleurs: Transparent, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Lilac
*Editions limitées*: Sweet strawberry, Wild cherry, Summer plum, Wild honeysuckle, Touch of lavender, Shiny blueberry, Moonstone, Gold

Si vous achetez 2 ladycup la deuxième est à 20€ au lieu de 24.99€ (transparente)
le prix varient en fonction des couleurs.

  • 1 x Ladycup, taille S (petite) ou L (large)
  • 1 x Ladycup autocollant
  • 1x pochon 100% coton assorti
  • Instructions multilingues
LadyCup est disponible en deux tailles. Veillez à choisir une taille appropriée selon les informations suivantes:

S (petite) pour les femmes qui n’ont pas encore porté d’enfant ou qui ont moins de 25 ans.
Contenance: 21.2 ml / Diamètre: 40 mm / Longueur de coupe: 47 mm / Longueur totale: 68 mm

L (large) pour les femmes déjà mamans ou âgées de plus de 25 ans.
Contenance: 34.3 ml / Diamètre: 44 mm / Longueur de coupe: 53 mm / Longueur totale: 70 mm

La tige, de 13 mm (taille S) et de 19 mm (L), peut être raccourcie à la longueur que vous trouvez la plus appropriée. La tige peut aussi être coupée entièrement. Dans ce dernier cas, veillez à la raccourcir proprement pour ne pas obstruer la coupe LadyCup! Utilisez un couteau ou une paire de ciseaux pour raccourcir la tige.
Livraison dans le monde entier à partir de 2,99€ (jusqu'à 10 Ladycup). Tous les produits sont expédiés via Czech Post en provenance de République Tchèque. Le délai de livraison est d'environ 5-7 jours en Europe et 12-14 jours pour le reste du monde.
Les produits Ladycup sont garantis 2 ans. La durée de vie du produit est évaluée à 15 ans, avec un bon entretien régulier. Dans le cas où vous choisissez une mauvaise taille, nous remplacerons votre Ladycup gratuitement.
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  1. Great product

    Posté par Helen on 19th Apr 2015

    I can't use the harder cups, because they feel uncomfortable while wearing, but the LadyCup is so soft you don't feel it, still firm enough to open when inserted (looking at you Meluna soft).
    It is very slick when wet, which makes it slide in better, but also harder to get out, I need the stem for that.
    I have recommended this to friends already.

  2. Perfect!

    Posté par Shawna on 31st Jul 2014

    This is by far the best menstrual product I have ever used. For most of my life I've used tampons and pads together, and they're a huge hassle and waste. Not only did they only last a few hours (with a super plus!), it would end up leaking onto my underwear and I would have to frequently use the restroom. Using a Lady Cup is so much easier, more sanitary, and even more comfortable! I am thrilled with how wonderful it works and I would highly recommend that every girl use one.

  3. Love the new colors!

    Posté par Miranda on 24th Nov 2011

    I ordered my first Lady Cup back in the summer of 2008 (so, before all the fancy colours), and I have been using it for 3 years--and loving it since the first day! The Cup is soft, flexible and small (as well as strong!), causing me no discomfort and providing a reliable alternative to cotton pads & tampons that is eco-friendly, MUCH MUCH more body-friendly, and also way cheaper! I had originally bought a Diva Cup, which proved too large, stiff and uncomfortable, and actually caused me pain before I switched to the Lady Cup (and I've never, ever looked back). I can't even tell you how many people I've referred to the Lady Cup. The cotton bag is a perfect little storage unit. I have to say, though--I'm a bit jealous I didn't have access to all these wild hues and shades back then, as it seems like more fun, plus my old (formerly transparent/white) cup is reeeeeally stained now. Oh well! It's a great product; hope others take a chance and benefit from it as well :)

  4. I love this product!!

    Posté par Sandra on 24th Nov 2011

    I've used it for over a year and have just purchased 2 more. Saved so much money by not purchasing disposable products. Much better for the environment and gives so much freedom. Go anywhere, do anything and not have to worry about pads and tampons. Only trouble is when your out with friends and they can't bum a tampon off you :) I tell them all about Ladycup and hope someday to convert them all to this amazing product. I have endo and can bleed randomly any time of the month, this gives me the freedom to wear white without having to worry!!!!!!!!!

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