Libby Cup

Origin: UK / Ships: worldwide
Meet the founder Heather
Libby Cup is a range of three cups, designed in West Wales and manufactured in England. Heather, the director at Libby Cup, couldn’t find a cup that was both big enough and soft enough for her heavy bleeds and full on cramps. From this inspiration Cup A was designed. Cup B and Cup C felt like a natural progression to accompany and create a full range. All of these cups have an extra long stem so that you can trim to which ever length is best for you.

Libby Cups all have a unique red drop detail on the side of each cup as a symbol of how far we have come since the days of the blue liquid in advertising! Libby Cup regularly collaborates and donates to Irise International who get cups out to people facing period poverty.
Libby Cup




Libby cup menstrual cup


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