Tips to choose your cup

Do your homework before choosing a menstrual cup that is right for you because there is no such thing as a universal perfect menstrual cup, they all have their pros and cons because every woman is unique.

There are menstrual cup brands all over the world – see map.
Check out my comparison chart to get a good overview of the selection of menstrual cups available these days. Read the guidelines below to help you choose the menstrual cup that’s right for you.

  • Choose your menstrual cup according to your flow looking at the capacity in ml.

If you have a light flow, look at the menstrual cups with small capacity, If you have a heavy flow, looks for bigger capacities but do take in account that your body is a factor as important as your flow. You could be a petite woman with a very flow, it’s about finding the right balance and what’s more important for you.

  • Choose your menstrual cup size according to the recommendation of each brand.

The choice of size varies according to your age, if you had children vaginally or not. Those are general guideline, you can read their recommendation on the list of menstrual cup brands.

  • Choose the length of your menstrual cup according to your body

If for example you know that you have a short vagina, look at cups that have a short length and vice versa. The softness of the cup is to be chosen according to how toned your pelvic floor is, if you are very toned go for a cup that is stiffer as you dont want some resistance on your vagina walls for a better seal. If you are not so toned, then a softer cup will be more adapted.

  • Compare menstrual cups according to their prices and where they come from.

Price varies from 15€ up to 35€+ depending on the brand. Check their shipping conditions, most brands ship worldwide for a very affordable fee and some even for free. The brands with a * next to their name in the table above offers free shipping. See which menstrual cup offers FREE SHIPPING

Tips & tricks about menstrual cups

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