Why menstrual cups are affordable?

Menstrual cups are about 20 times cheaper than buying disposables tampons or sanitary pads. So how about you start planning that holiday instead of flushing your money down the drain?

A woman has to change about 5 times a day tampons or pads in order to be safe from TSS (Toxic shock syndrome) and to feel clean. A menstrual cycle lasts in average 5 days. That means around 25 tampons per cycle which which is be around one big box of tampons or pads.

A big box of tampons usually cost around 5€. That is about 60€ per year just for tampons, with a few pantyliners and night pads so let’s round it to 80€/year. The average menstrual life span is 43 years, that’s 80€ x 43 years = 3440€ in a lifetime per woman spent on disposable menstrual protections.

With menstrual cups you will need 1 about every 10 years. That’s less than 5 cups in a lifetime, They are ranging from 17€ to 50€ depending on the brand but let’s take an average of 20€/cup. That is 100€ in a lifetime per woman spent on her menstrual cups. We can’t argue that is a much better deal to have zero waste and chemical free period.

You’ll never have to run to the supermarket again or line up at the supermarket again for tampons or pads, having pads popping out of your pockets and bags wherever you go. A discrete and elegant menstrual cup will be enough and will be with you for many years.

I often hear: “Ho but cups are so expensive!”. Sure they are compare to one box of tampon but with as much as 3 boxes you can buy yourself a cup that will save you hundreds of dollars per year.  Food for thoughts.

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