Emanui cup cleaner


Emanui cup cleaner


Emanui is a menstrual cup cleaner and steriliser, made of high-quality medical silicone. It fits the most popular menstrual cups (all cups which have a stem). Perfect to have in your purse to be able to clean your menstrual cup when you are on the go and have no sink available to rinse it.


Emanui menstrual cup cleaner
Made in Europe
100% medical grade silicone
Size: 10,5cm x 6,8cm
Color: cream and pink

Emanui is a menstrual cup steriliser and cleaner, perfect for keeping your menstrual cup clean and germ-free during periods and between cycles. It’s made of high-quality medical silicone, portable, and extremely easy to use. All you need to do is fill the menstrual cup sanitizer with a bit of water, insert your menstrual cup, wash it by gently squeezing or shaking the device, and your cup is ready to be used again!

Not sure if it’s compatible with your preferred cup? It fits most of the popular menstrual cups on the market. You can use Emanui with all cups with a stem

Emanui cup cleaner Key features

  • Made in Europe with FDA approved materials, BPA-free and can be fully disassembled and recycled.
  • Packaging is made from responsible sources, FSC certified. Brochure and packaging are fully recyclable.
  • Needs only a small amount of water. Does not require any soaps, chemicals or cleaning solutions which can cause irritation and increase the risk of vaginal infections.
  • The first reusable menstrual cup cleaner and steriliser enables any person to feel safe while cleaning and sterilizing their menstrual cup in complete privacy. Emanui will accompany you anywhere from public toilets to your most adventurous trips.

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Additional information


Blue Mermaid, Strawberry pink, Midnight black, Ice clear XL


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