Formoonsacup Second Edition


Formoonsacup Second Edition


A one size ball cup design with a great capacity, a ring stem and grip lines to ease removal and a foldable bottom to make it more compact to store in its box.


Size: one size
Softness: Classic (purple) and Soft (pink)
Made in Taiwan in Medical grade silicone

Formoonsacup Second edition is manufactured in Taiwan and is the little sister of the Formoonsacup. Unlike its big sister it’s got 6 holes to release suction more easily and a foldable bottom making it more compact to store in its little tupperware. It is made to be worn unfolded of course. Its ring stem and grip lines will make removal easier.

It’s got a generous size and will be perfect for woman looking for a larger size or who haven’t find yet a leak proof cup. From all the cup I own, this is the cup I use the most specially on the heavier days.

Additional information


Classic (purple), Soft (Pink)

Product features

  • Foldable from its bottom to fit in the tupperware designed to store and sterilize the menstrual cup.
  • A One size fits most size with two softness to choose from: classic and soft
  • Made in Taiwan, manufactured with 100% medical-grade silicone, a soft and comfortable material.
  • 6 air holes to help break the seal at the removal of the cup.
  • Removal ring is designed to help you remove the cup, please do NOT cut it off
  • Helps you feel clean and fresh during your menstrual period. Doesn’t affect the vagina’s natural ability to self-lubricate. It won’t dry out the vagina mucosa.
  • Continuous use up to 12 hours, it can hold more menstrual blood compared to the traditional sanitary items. It decreases the frequency of replacement and inconvenience upon use. It can be used while sleeping, exercising and live your day-to-day life restriction free. (Depending on each individual’s menstrual flow, we recommend every 8 hours).
  • With proper care it is reusable for up to 5-10 years. Compare to the traditional sanitary products, the longer it is used the less it cost and the more environmentally friendly it becomes!


One Size only
Capacity: 42ml / Diameter: 46.9mm / Cup length: 50.9mm / Total length: 70mm

Please not the actual total length of the cup once folded is 46mm. it is only folded for storage purposes. It is not designed to be worn folded.

You can choose between Classic (shore 50) or Soft (40). If you are active and with toned pelvic floor muscles we recommend you take the Classic firmness.


Worldwide Flat fee for 12€
via national Taiwan Post in a plain and discreet plain packaging. You will receive a tracking number for your order to be able to trace at all times. Estimated delivery 7 working days or more depending on the country.


We guarantee a quality product, if your parcel is lost we will reship at our cost. If you receive the product and for some reason want to ship it back at your own cost, we will will refund you if the cup seal remained intact.

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