Stonesoup Wings


Stonesoup Wings


The menstrual cup Stonesoup is one of the rare cup that has no stem, only a smooth bottom with a grip line at the bottom. Available in One size fits most and in 3 different softness. It comes in a cotton pouch and cute metal box for storage. Very affordable, unique design and a beautiful project for India. Get a 6pcs period pad kit for 15€ extra!


Menstrual cup Stonesoup Wings
Made in India
100% medical grade silicone
Size: One size
Color: green (soft), blue (medium), yellow (firm)

Discover the Stonesoup period pad kit, a great value kit with 6 pads for only 15€ extra if you buy it together with Stonesoup Wings cup. You’ll have all you need for your period for over 10 years for a total of 36€ including worldwide shipping. The most affordable deal you’ll ever get and you support a beautiful project led by indian women. Watch the videos to know more.

Stonesoup menstrual cup key features

  • Smooth bottom with no stem for maximum comfort
  • A circular grip line at the bottom to help pinching the bottom of the cup at removal
  • One size fits most
  • 3 colors that has a different softness each depending on your pelvic floor strength
  • 4 suction holes to cancel the seal at removal
  • Free of chemicals
  • Proudly Made in India
  • Our company works to bring awareness to waste management in India and abroad

Additional information


Soft (Green), Medium (blue), Firm (yellow)

+ Period pad kit

Yes, for the kit for 15€, No thanks

Sizes & Softness

One size: Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 45mm / Cup length: 50mm / Total length: 50mm

Soft (green): best suited for women with limited physical activity.
Medium (blue): for women with medium to heavy bleeders with moderate to high activity levels.
Firm (yellow): best suited for physically active women who are into sports, dance and other activities and who have heavy bleeding.


Flat fee from India via Garuda Vega with tracking number.
FREE within India
5€ for the rest of the world



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