2x menstrual Sea Sponges



2x menstrual Sea Sponges


Natural intimate sea sponge harvested ethically in Greece (from the Mediterranean Sea floor) unbleached to collect your menstrual flow naturally. Save 10% and shipping by ordering the pack of 3 that will last you over a year.


Pack of 2x menstrual Sea Sponges from IntimateCare unbleached sea sponge

Ethically harvested in Greece (from the Mediterranean Sea floor). 100% plastic-free packaging. Earth-friendly. Compostable.
Dimensions: 6.5cm to 8cm. Can be trimmed to the desired size.

BUY 3 pack for sponges that will last you for over a year of use and SAVE 10% and shipping.

What are menstrual sponges?

Intimate Sponges are a wondrous, premium intimate product unlike any other. A jewel of nature that was identified in ancient times for its astonishing absorbancy, sea sponges have resurfaced as a natural alternative to typical chemical-laden synthetic feminine products.

Intimate sea sponges get their astonishing absorbency from millions of naturally occurring pours and canals. Sponges are durable, naturally mold and fungus resistant, and can be used for months before showing any sign of wear. These intimate Sponges are a generous size – ideal for beginners. The soft sponge can be trimmed to fit the needs of each individual.

Why use menstrual sponges?

  • Conveniently reusable; cost saving.
  • Naturally absorbs an astonishing amount of fluid.
  • Unbelievably comfortable. Absorbent yet plush, silky, and soft.

What is ethical harvesting?

It is a gentle process where sponges are removed from their source without touching the roots. Similar to pruning a tree, this allows stronger and bigger branches of sea sponge to regrow. The gentle harvesting process also causes millions of sponges cells to be released into the waters, where they are fertilized, attach to sea rocks, and grow into new sponges.

How to clean your menstrual sponge?

We do our best to diligently inspect each and every IntimateCare sponge, but because these sponges grow in the sea with other marine life, they might contain traces of typical sea residue. Don’t worry, it’s natural. Simply clean or sterilise your sponge before using on or inside your body. Wash your sponge well between uses. Allow to air dry away from surfaces.

The best method of cleaning will vary depending on how you use your sponge. Choose a method that works best for you. Do not use harsh soaps or chemicals that can harm the delicate fibers of the sponge.

Clean: Add a bit of hand soap to your sponge and wash under warm water.

Squeaky Clean: Soak for 10 minutes in a cup of 1:10 water: vinegar mixture. (Tip! Add a few drops of tea tree oil.)

Deep Clean: Soak for 10 minutes in a cup of water with 1 tbsp baking soda.

After Cleaning: Leave to air dry.

IntimateCare sea sponges are durable and long-lasting. With proper care, they should retain their density for several months of use. When your sponge begins to show signs of wear, compost or dispose of it with other organic waste.

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1 pack (2 sponges), 3 packs (6 sponges) SAVE 10%


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3.95€ within the UK

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