Pibella with resealable bag


Pibella with resealable bag


Pibella is the only urination device for women that, due to the anatomically adapted small orifice, encloses the exit of the urethra in a direct, gentle and sealed manner. Not one single drop spills. The use and care is absolutely simple.


Pibella short description:

Made in Switzerland.
100% recyclable.
Weight: 12g
Length: 180 mm
Width: 40 mm.
Available in green, pearl, pink.
Infinitely re-usable.
In Hospitals since 2005.
An empirical study recommends Pibella (University of Applied Sciences, St. Gallen, Switzerland)
Expedition-testedRecommended by Prof. Dr. Klaus Mees in the high-altitude medical guidebook
Registered design / Worldwide patent
Winner of the RehaCare Design Award

One pack contains:
– One Pibella urination device
– One resealable plastic bag where to store Pibella
– Precise instructions are enclosed with every product. Languages: EN, GE, FR, IT, SP, NL, DA, PT, RU, TR, JA, ZH

pibella travel female urination device fud

• Due to its shape, Pibella is positioned almost automatically. The soft and anatomically shaped docking orifice encloses the exit of the urethra entirely.
• The urine stream is cleanly diverted via the tube.
• Due to the selected solid material, the tube is easy to handle and it feels very pleasant and gentle during the positioning (similar to drinking from a glass).
• It usually works correctly straight away. We do however recommend testing it in the shower at home. The first application may call for a bit of courage in order to let the urine flow. Afterwards, it quickly becomes a matter of routine!
• Slip down underpants or just slide them to one side (illustration). The bottom remains completely covered.
• Pibella is optimally adapted to the female anatomy and works for every woman.
• The urine stream is then cleanly diverted via the tube, leaving the body absolutely dry! Even the last drop can be wiped off.
• When Traveling, just shake out or rinse (cold/hot) after use, then put it in the resealable bag. Practically no remains due to water-repellent material.

Will it work for me too?

It works for all women!
Pibella is highly appreciated by teens and grandmas alike ♥
Thousands of women are using Pibella since 2005

Production & Material
Pibella is made of non-allergic and non-irritant polypropylene (no phthalates).
Polypropylene (PP5) is the most environmentally friendly plastic.
All Pibella products are manufactured in Switzerland under state-of-the-art and hygienic conditions
Non-irritant / food-safe
Strongly water-repellent
Rinsable and sterilisable in boiling water up to max. 135°C/275°F
Dishwasher safe / washing machine safe
100% recyclable
Pibella is a medical product

The scientifically tested and recommended Pibella is an externally applicable medical product. Medical product according to the European standard 93/42/EWG, class 1, annex VII
Registered at swissmedic
CE – certified
FDA-approved (USA)
REHACARE AWARD / a distinguished and tested by TÜV Germany, reddot projects and the medical fair in Düsseldorf
Modèle déposé / registered design worldwide / Worldwide patent
® registered trademark
© copyright by Stebler.net Ltd., Switzerland



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Green, Pink, Pearl


We ship all over the world thru Swiss Post. Priority-delivery: 2-15 days

Delivery is free of shipping charge and neutrally packaged.

Your data will be treated absolutely confidentially and will never be disclosed to third parties.


The lifetime of the product is up to 20 years, given its regular and proper maintenance. Guarantee for the material is 3 years.

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