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Secret Ceres


Secret Ceres is a natural stick used to internally cleanse, heal, rejuvenate and tighten the vagina while simultaneously stimulating the body’s own cleansing mechanism. Made in Indonesia with natural ingredients. It is white but note that color may vary to darker shade as it is a natural product.


Made in Java, Indonesia, Secret Ceres supports the vaginas own cleansing mechanism and rejuvenates it with its natural ingredients of Pomegranate, Drip Stones and Kaolin. Each of the ingredients of Secret Ceres has beneficial properties to regenerate and nourish your vagina and contain anti-inflammatory properties, while promoting your sexual desire.

These gifts of nature have the potential to keep your vagina clean, fresh, smooth and visually appealing. It thus aids to soften, clean, and tighten the skin of your vagina with its antiseptic, deodorizing and regenerating properties.

Why use Secret Ceres? Do you have…

  • Reduced Tightness From Childbirth Or Age
  • Inflammation & Dryness
  • Bacterial Infections Such As Yeast Infection or Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Unpleasant Discharge and Odor
  • pH and/or Hormonal Imbalances
  • Menopausal Symptoms Such As Hot Flashes, Headaches, Fatigue & Dryness
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Irregular or Non Existent Periods
  • Low Or Non- Existent Libido

Women who are realizing that their vagina feels loose can regain the tightness to enjoy sex at its most by using Secret Ceres. Be it the 19 years young beauty, the mature woman in her 30s or the middle aged woman in her 50s – Secret Ceres is a gift for all. The fantastic formula of Secret Ceres to clean and deodorize helps women to gain control over their insecurities of their intimate area. Secret Ceres is made of effective and highly-valued natural ingredients and is totally free of chemical. Its extensive effects increase the overall wellbeing of women and improves her libido.

Ingredients: Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Rhizoma, Curcuma Domestica (Tumeric), Artemesia Annua (Sweet Wormwood), Eurycoma Longifolia, Piperis Folium (Red Piper Betle Leaf), Oak Gall Extract, Ocimum Sanctum (Holy Basil), Scaphium Affinis Pierre (Malva Nut), Punica Granatum, Artesian Mountain Spring Water, Alunite, Kaolin

Benefits & Results

Secret Ceres is a unique product that tightens and nourishes the intimate area while simultaneously stimulating the body’s own cleansing mechanism as well as the regeneration of skin tissue in a completely natural manner.

The biological exfoliation of the callus inside of the vagina sensitizes, cleanses and regenerates the vagina as well as having a positive effect on the consistency and aroma of its secretion. By shedding off the dead skin cells of the superficial layers of the vagina’s epithelial skin, Secret Ceres helps regenerating and balancing the vaginal micro-flora while sustaining the humidity level and substance balance of the vagina.

Since many centuries Asian women have used Secret Ceres as a natural means to purify and tighten their intimate area as well as to rejuvenate and nurture their female organs. The synergetic interaction of selected herbal extracts, minerals and crystals balances structural deficiencies of the body while accelerating the cell renewal process in the body.

Eliminating Bad Vaginal Odor

Bad vaginal odor can be an embarrassing issue. Every woman’s vagina has a natural scent, but when this scent becomes overwhelming or unpleasant, something needs to be done to fix it. By supporting the body’s own cleansing mechanism Secret Ceres can help you get rid of bad vaginal odor.

The Secrets to a Tight Vagina

Secret Ceres helps you regain a tight vagina: it’s more pleasurable for both you and your man during sex, it’s more visually pleasing, and it can make you feel more youthful and therefore more confident.

Rejuvenating a Dry Vagina

A dry vagina can have negative effects on a woman’s sex life and how comfortable she is with herself. Thankfully, Secret Ceres can help to restore an appropriate level of humidity. It uses a combination of natural botanicals to promote good vaginal health.

Dealing with an Infected Vagina

Secret Ceres can support the pH balance in the vagina and sustain a healthy intimate balance helping to prevent imbalances of the flora. Since the ingredients are 100% natural, they are much more appealing than many other products out there that are typically used when struggling with infections.

Results after using the Secret Ceres

200 women between 19-55 years used Secret Ceres twice a week over 2 months:

99% remarkable tightening of the vagina after the first application
99% enhanced hygiene in the intimate area after first application
99% internal cleansing- and regeneration process in the vagina
78% increased humidity level during intercourse
68% reduced discharge
62% increased libido and intensified sensation during sex
56% clearer consistency and improved taste of the vagina’s secretion
43% decreased menstrual discomfort and irregularities

40 women between 19-55 years with vaginal infections applied Secret Ceres twice daily over 6 days, thereafter twice a week over 18 months:

95% successful treatment of vaginal infections
86% since the successful treatment of the infection no further vaginal infections occurred.

These results have been gathered among a group of independent volunteers. This study has not been clinically conducted or been verified by a doctor.


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If for any reason your Secret Ceres is lost on the way to you I will ship out a replacement to you. This hasn’t happened but I want to make sure, you’re not concerned about it happening – you’re 100% guaranteed to receive your personal Secret Ceres inside a discreet, beautiful packaging!

Who is behind Secret Ceres

Secret Ceres was born out of the aspiration to keep a tradition alive that women in Asia had maintained for centuries; a tradition that honours womanhood by nourishing and caring for the most intimate and precious area in a woman. A woman’s sexual organs make up the centre of a woman’s body. By sustaining the balance in one’s centre the entire body attains balance. This concept is the foundation of our credo: BLOSSOM FROM WITHIN!

See mallence Bart-Williams, creator and founder of the Secret Ceres explaining the benefits of this vaginal tightening wand.

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