Me Luna SPORT Starter Set



Me Luna SPORT Starter Set


Me Luna SPORT is designed for women with strong pelvic floor muscles. This cup is 25% more resilient to pressure than the Me Luna Classic. Get 2 Me Luna Sport menstrual cups and save 25%. Comes in blue violet and Fushia and 4 types of stem to choose from. The standard size or the SHORTY for short cervix.


Menstrual cup Me luna SPORT Starter Set
Made in Germany
100% TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
Size: S+M or M+L or L+XL
Model: Classic or Shorty
Grip: Stem, Ball, Ring, Basic
Color: blue violet & pink

This Me luna starter set is perfect if you never used a cup and don’t exactly know which size is right for you. Get 2 Me Luna menstrual cups at a discounted price: 13.25€/pc instead of 17,5€/pc.

Me Luna SPORT is designed for women with strong pelvic floor muscles. Some sports and exercises develop particularly strong pelvic floor muscles, such as yoga, horseback riding, Pilates, Kegel exercises, and pole dancing.

The Me Luna SPORT has a softness of 50 Shore, and is therefore 25% more resilient than Me Luna CLASSIC. If you press the cup in your hand, it immediately springs back into shape. It is recommended for women whose athletic fitness is above average or if your pelvic floor muscles are very well toned. it may be the case if you are practicing Yoga, pilates, horse riding etc

This resilience makes Me Luna Sport a little more difficult to use. Its resilience also means that even under pressure of strong pelvic muscles the cup can unfold perfectly and its seal can stay in place. Even under the stress of sport and exercise.

Which size?

Refer to the size tab to see the details.

Standard or Shorty?

The default we offer is the standard model but you can also choose the Me Luna Shorty in a sport firmness as well. We recommend the MeLuna SHORTY for women whose vagina is shorter than average for various reasons or whose cervix is located close to the entrance of the vagina. For example users who had a prolapsed uterus (uterine descent), may find the SHORTY Me Luna to be a better option than standard cups.

Which grip style?

Ring is easy to grasp and can make removal easier, so it is often preferred by beginners.
Ball is our most popular grip style.
Stem is recommended for women who prefer to wear Me Luna very deep, or whose cervix is positioned very far back in the vagina. (if the stem is too long or bothersome, it can be easily trimmed to your preferred length.)
basic Smooth bottom with gripping lines for women who don’t feel the need for any type of stems.

Read my article about the full range of Me Luna cups to understand their benefits and differences before making your choice.

Additional information


S + M, M + L, L + XL, Shorty S + M, Shorty M + L, Shorty L + XL


Basic, Stem, Ball, Ring


Size S
is one of the smallest menstrual cups worldwide. Slim, petite physique, no vaginal births, light menstrual flow, very good pelvic floor muscles.
Capacity: 23ml / Diameter: 38mm / Cup length: 45mm

Size M
is still one of the smaller menstrual cups in the world, but it offers 28ml volume. Me Luna size M is used by women who have a medium menstrual flow. Women whose body is be described as medium build, and have a normal pelvic floor muscles can use the Me Luna size M.
Capacity: 28ml / Diameter: 41mm / Cup length: 48mm

Size L
is mainly used by women who already had vaginal births and women who have heavy menstrual flow, and their physique can be described as normal or strong. The diameter of the Me Luna size L is 44mm. Therefore, it can also be used by women with weak pelvic floor muscles.
Capacity: 34ml / Diameter: 44mm / Cup length: 51mm

Size XL
is used by women who already had vaginal births. Women, which have a very heavy menstrual flow, whose physique can be described as normal up to strong. The diameter of the Me Luna size XL is 47mm. If the length not cause any problems, it also can be used at considerably weakened pelvic floor muscles.
Capacity: 42ml / Diameter: 47mm / Cup length: 56mm


Worldwide shipping from Germany via Deutsche post with tracking number.

3.75€ within Germany
8€ the rest of the world.

Delivery usually takes only 1 day within Germany, 5 days within Europe and between 10-40 days for the rest of the world, depending on the destination.


Me Luna offers a 1 year guarantee. We refund or exchange is the cup is being sent back within 2 weeks in its unopened original packaging. The shipping costs involved is at the charge of the customer. Please note that the only thing capable of embrittling Me Luna early is UV radiation. At normal storing conditions, nothing will harm Me Luna. For the same reason, Me Luna should not be kept in the blazing sun in summer or at 140°C or above.

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