Yuuki Menstrual Panties


Yuuki Menstrual Panties


Yuuki menstrual panties are designed to be comfortable and discreet during your menstruation. A black elegant design with an extended insert from the front to back with an absorbent layer composed of three layers that can hold up 2-3 tampons worth of menstrual flow.


Yuuki Menstrual Period Panties
Made in Czech Republic
Size: XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL (see the picture chart to choose the right size)
Color: black

Yuuki menstrual panties are designed to be comfortable and discreet during your menstruation. They have an elegant design with an extended insert in the front and back to the top hem of the panties, making them different from most competitors.

The absorbent layer is composed of three layers:
The first layer in contact with the skin wicks away moisture.
The second layer is absorbent. It traps the menstrual blood.
The third layer is an impermeable membrane for your peace of mind.

Benefits of Yuuki Menstrual Panties

  • High absorption capacity – Up to 2-3 tampons worth of blood.
  • Dark liner extended from the front to back of the panties
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Attractive and minimalist design
  • Certified by the National Institute of Health

Who are they suitable for?

The Yuuki menstrual panties are perfect for young girls for their first menstruation to avoid wearing anything internally. They will save you from the common pad problems, such as pads riding back, wings unsticking, leaks and whatnot. Thanks to its high absorption, you won’t need to change your panties as often as pads or tampons and still feel comfortable and dry.
Many women also use menstrual panties as an incontinence aid.

You can add a Yuuki menstrual cup to this order, the perfect allie to this panty – FREE SHIPPING
The perfect combo for heavy flow. You can wear a menstrual cup with the Yuuki Panties as a back up to be sure to steer away from possible leaks. Have a look at the yuuki cups, from transparent to Rainbow colors. You can get one for as little as 17.80€ including Shipping.


Size: XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL (see the picture chart to choose the right size)


Your parcel will leave from Czech republic thru Ceska posta with a tracking number. All orders are packaged discreetly in a padded envelope. Shipping is done by standard domestic mail or airmail, as appropriate.

Within europe, deliveries usually take place between 5 and 10 days after dispatch. For International deliveries it’s between 10 and 20 days.


For sale of consumer goods, the legal guarantee period shall be 24 months, but a longer guarantee period may be defined by a declaration in the warranty card. The guarantee shall not cover common wear and tear of the thing caused by its habitual use. Therefore shorter life of any product with regard to the above stated wear and tear of the thing caused by its habitual use cannot be considered a defect, which shall be considered in case of any complaint.

Please note: For hygiene reasons, strictly NO returned units will ever be resold.

Menstrual cup Yuuki is produced by a Czech – EU company specializing in health care products. This company belongs to the world leaders of this field. Material Silopren LSR 4050 of Germany producer Momentive from which the cup is manufactured, branded silicone is the highest quality approved for use in health care and food industries. The menstrual cup is produced in the operation “clean room” for the production of medical products. This department is equipped with a separate entrance, antistatic flooring and air conditioning machines. This specialized workplace prevents any risk of contamination. All manufacturing and control processes are carried out in full compliance with the required standards of ISO 9001 requirements.

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