Menstrual cups are ecological

Can you believe that more than 100 billions menstrual disposables are thrown away in the world every year? On the other hand, menstrual cups are ecological. No more useless packaging (boxes, plastic protection, plastic sachets, applicators…), no more tampons flushed down the toilet, no more pads in dustbins, landfill, in the seas and rivers!

Let’s make a calculation and understand together the impact of disposable products and why instead menstrual cups are ecological.
The average length of cycle is about 5 days. The menstrual cycle is 28 days so that’s about 65 days per year which is a bit more than 2 months. A woman will have to change her tampon or pads in average 5 times a day to avoid toxic shock syndrome and leakage.

That is 5×65= 325 disposables thrown out per women per year

A woman menstruates for about 43 years of her life (average from 12 to 55 years old).

The life span of a woman according to the UN is 69,5 years old so let’s say 70 years.

Menstruated women represent about 61% of the worldwide female population. If we suppose there is equal amount of man and women, there is then about 30,5% menstruated women worldwide.

The 23rd April 2010 the human population is officially 6,8165 billions and still growing…So we agree there is around 2 079 032 500 menstruated women in the world.

If every women used disposables (325 per year), that would reach the astronomical number of 675 685 562 500 disposables dumped in the world every year.

Not every woman in the world has access to disposables specially in third world countries so they most probably use washable clothes.

So let’s give the most optimistic estimation saying that only 15% of menstruated women in the world use disposables. That still ends up to the sad number of 101 354 834 375 (over 100 billions) menstrual disposables thrown out in the world in 1 year !!!!!

Illustration by Alexandra Westrich
That little calculation we just did is only about the product after you bought it and used it but how about the energy and resources spent before that on producing tampons and pads? Their packaging, the cotton, the bleach etc..they pollute the planet even more!

There are still many battles to be won with baby diapers, plastic bags etc…Every little bit counts, it’s together that we can make a difference. Menstrual cups are for women who want to take part in making this world a cleaner place while making your period easier. What’s not to like?

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