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Until recently strick laws in Taiwan made menstrual cups impossible to buy. As the BBC’s Grace Tsoi explains, that might be about to change thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. Current laws state that the government has to respond if the online petition gains more than 5,000 signatures in 60 days. Ms Shih’s petition gained more than 6,000 signatures in two weeks.

Thanks to Vanessa Tseng, the founder of Formoonsacup, the government in February 2017 lifted the ban on the sale of menstrual cups following an online campaign launched by 35-year-old Vanessa Tseng Ying-fan (曾穎凡). A unique inward cup fold No spill design.

Vanessa Tseng: “I want Taiwanese women to have more choices and I want them to understand that they can be more active in fighting for their rights — not just waiting for good things to fall into their laps”Formoonsacup