My 3 favourite menstrual cup video ads

1 – Oh No I’m Getting My Period!
by Princess Superstar ft. Lunette Menstrual Cup.

The finnish menstrual cup brand strikes again with a fun video ad for the menstrual cup Lunette. I can’t stop laughing at her lady gaga hip hop style going on about her VajayJayjay. The part in the pool and her face expressions is just too funny.
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2 – Tampon vs. Mooncup Rap Battle
by Love your Vagina productions

Brilliant rap battle with catchy lyrics and great performers. “Mooncup’s here to stay, no strings attached”. This video went viral in 2013 and I can still watch it over and over.
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3 – Why switch to menstrual cups
by Sophie Richie

This last one but not the least is in French with english subtitles. It’s by far the best and most creative menstrual cup review ever done.

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