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Ruby Kegel trainer is brought to you by Ruby Cup.

Ruby Kegel trainer short description:

Diameter 30mm
Weight: 55 grams
Ball: Inner metal ball tested according to EU standards
Colours: Turquoise or Purple 

Ruby Kegel trainer is made of premium quality medical grade silicone, designed to take care of your body and train your pelvic floor muscles in an easy, comfortable and healthy way.

One pack includes:

- One Ruby Kegel trainer
- An Organic cotton bag for storage
- Instructions for use 

Ruby Kegel trainer has a smooth design. Ruby Kegel trainer is made of premium quality hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, designed to take care of your body and train your pelvic floor muscles in an easy, comfortable and healthy way.
It is 100% waterproof.
Every purchase supports Ruby Cup's social mission in East Africa: to promote a healthy body image, a higher self-esteem and education about the female reproductive anatomy.


  • HEALTH: Strengthening and training your pelvic muscles is important for urinary and bladder control, to strengthen your pelvic floor and to prevent vaginal prolapse.
  • SEX: Exercising your pelvic muscles can give you a few benefits in the bedroom too; better, longer orgasms, heightened sensitivity and intense sexual arousal for both partners.
  • IN COMBO WITH RUBY CUP: Ruby Kegel trainer is also great for Ruby Cup (menstrual cup) users, and particularly for women using a cup after giving birth. You use your pelvic muscles when inserting and removing your Ruby Cup. Stronger muscles can help you find a secure fit and also allow you to push your Ruby Cup down easier to grip for removal.
Find a comfortable position before using your Ruby Kegel trainer.

- Gently insert Ruby Kegel into your vagina.
- Contract your pelvic floor muscles for 2-10 seconds and remember to take deep breaths.
- Release the contraction

For beginners this is very often lying down or sitting in a slightly reclined position. Once your muscles are stronger, you may choose to use your Ruby Kegel while standing up, since lifting against gravity increases the intensity of the training.

Cleaning and Storing
Rinse carefully after usage, with water and a mild soap or sanitising wipes.
For storage, keep your Ruby Kegel in the cotton bag provided.
We ship for worldwide from our stock in Suffolk, UK.

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Note: Additional shipping will not be added for every product you buy, the shipping cost is for the full order.
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