The importance of a good Pelvic floor health

Pelvic floor health is really important. Often referred as PC muscles, they are indeed one of the most important muscle groups in the body due to their crucial functions and role in overall health.

The importance of a good Pelvic floor health

7 reasons why the pelvic floor is considered vital

  1. Support and Stability:

    The pelvic floor muscles provide support and stability for the organs in the pelvic region, including the bladder, uterus, and rectum. They help maintain proper organ positioning. When the pelvic floor muscles are weak, the organs in the pelvic area, such as the bladder, uterus, or rectum, may descend or bulge into the vagina. This is known as pelvic organ prolapse and can cause discomfort, pressure, or a feeling of heaviness in the pelvic region.

  2. Urinary and Bowel Control:

    Strong pelvic floor muscles are essential for maintaining bladder and bowel control. They help prevent urinary and fecal incontinence by supporting the sphincter muscles and allowing proper control of urinary and bowel function. This can occur during activities such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercising.

  3. Sexual Function:

    The pelvic floor muscles play a significant role in sexual function for both men and women. They help achieve and maintain erections in men and contribute to vaginal tone, blood flow, and sensation in women. Weak pelvic floor muscles can contribute to decreased vaginal tone and sensation during sexual activity, potentially affecting sexual satisfaction and orgasmic response.

  4. Core Stability:

    The pelvic floor forms a crucial part of the core muscle group, working in coordination with the abdominal and back muscles. A strong and coordinated core helps maintain proper posture, stability, and spinal support. Insufficient pelvic floor support can result in compromised stability and alignment in the pelvis and lower back, leading to chronic lower back pain.

  5. Childbirth Support:

    During childbirth, the pelvic floor muscles need to stretch and relax to accommodate the baby’s passage through the birth canal. Strong and well-functioning pelvic floor muscles can aid in a smoother delivery and recovery afterward. It can also prolong postpartum recovery and increase the risk of postpartum issues like urinary incontinence.

  6. Posture and Movement:

    The pelvic floor muscles contribute to overall posture and body mechanics. They work in synergy with other muscles to maintain proper alignment, stability, and efficient movement.

  7. Prevention of Pain and Dysfunction:

    Weak or dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles can lead to a range of issues, including pelvic pain, urinary and bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and musculoskeletal problems in the pelvic region. Strengthening and maintaining optimal pelvic floor health can help prevent or alleviate these conditions.

What can you do?

The consequences of a weak pelvic floor, such as urinary leakage and pelvic organ prolapse, can have a significant impact on a woman’s quality of life, leading to embarrassment, social limitations, and emotional distress.

Given that all these are vital functions, it is important to maintain them through regular pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels, proper posture, body mechanics, and seeking professional help if experiencing any pelvic floor-related concerns or dysfunctions. All this can often help strengthen and improve the function of the pelvic floor muscles, mitigating these consequences.

KegelSmart is a revolutionary new Kegel exerciser!

It’s your personal pelvic floor trainer which sets a routine that is simple to follow, safe to use, and completely tailored to your individual needs. For just 5 minutes a day, KegelSmart can deliver measurable results in just 12 weeks.

It’s easy to strengthen your pelvic floor, prepare for a healthy pregnancy, recover vaginal tightness after childbirth, improve bladder control and enhance sensations during intimacy. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any specific concerns or conditions related to your pelvic health.

A smart pelvic floor trainer and exerciser that guides and strengthens your pelvic muscles…

How does KegelSmart work?

  • Set-Up: To start using the KegelSmart, you need to download the companion app to your smartphone. This app will guide you through the exercise program and track your progress.

  • Insertion: Before inserting the KegelSmart, it’s important to clean it thoroughly and apply water-based lubricant. Insert the device into your vagina, making sure it is comfortable and positioned correctly.

  • Muscle Detection: Once the KegelSmart is inserted, it uses its built-in sensors to detect your pelvic floor muscles. The device will then assess your muscle tone and determine the appropriate exercise level for you.

  • Guided Exercises: The KegelSmart will guide you through a series of pelvic floor exercises. These exercises involve contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles in response to the device’s vibrations and cues. The app will provide step-by-step instructions and visual guidance to help you perform the exercises correctly.

  • Progress Tracking: As you complete each exercise session, the KegelSmart and app will track your progress, including the duration and intensity of your exercises. This feedback allows you to monitor your improvements over time and stay motivated.

  • Personalized Training Program: The KegelSmart adapts to your individual needs and progress. Based on your performance, the device adjusts the exercise level to gradually challenge your pelvic floor muscles and promote strength and endurance.

  • Regular Usage: To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use the KegelSmart regularly as part of your pelvic floor exercise routine. Consistency is key in strengthening and maintaining the health of your pelvic floor muscles.

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