Why use a menstrual cup?

We often see ladies wondering why use a menstrual cup and change habits? It is a clean, healthy, hygienic and ecological alternative to disposable tampons and pads to handle your menstrual flow. They last several years and are very economical. Intrigued?

A menstrual cup is basically a soft and flexible cup made out of medical grade silicone, which is folded into a smaller shape, then inserted into the vagina like a non-applicator tampon. There, it expands open naturally, forming a light seal with the vaginal walls. But instead of absorbing menstrual fluid, the menstrual cup collects it. Then it is removed, emptied, cleaned and re-used. Read my tutorial on how to use a menstrual cup in 6 easy steps.

Made out of 100% medical grade silicone, the menstrual cup is a healthier, more eco-friendly since it’s reusable and a way cheaper alternative to disposable pads and tampons. It is safe and can even be used even by people who are sensitive to latex. Some menstrual cup brands offer only clear cups while some have a wide range of colors and designs.

It is far more comfortable than a tampon or pad since its shape and suppleness adapts perfectly to the vagina walls. it doesn’t leak allowing you to use it in any situation (sleeping, swimming, running, yoga, horseriding etc).

It is the future of period protection, I would even say a revolution in menstruation products! It’s about time to make the switch and get yourself your own menstrual cup.


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