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Les marques[?]

  • Bella

    La coupe menstruelle Bella nous vient de Corée avec son design élégant et packaging attractif. Elle est souple avec un design de tige unique. Les frais de ports sont gratuits dans le monde entier.

  • Cyclotest
    Cyclotest research continues to progress as leading German Natural Family Planning experts and computer scientist united to create a user friendly device that would intelligently analyze temperatures and other fertility indicators. The resulting Cyclotest fertility monitor is powered with a proven mathematical algorithm that you rely on to effortlessly display your daily and monthly fertility status.
  • Emilla pads
    Emilla pads have been born out of a passion for reusable, alternative healthy menstrual products and the idea of making pads passed down by Mónika, the designer's Grandmother, Emilla. During hard times in the 30s and 40s Emilla would make reusable menstrual pads so women could have comfortable periods and she passed these skills to her Granddaughter, Mónika, who then named her company as a tribute, after her. Emilla Pads offer one of the thinnest and most absorbent pads. A unique, fun and up to date twist on a classic idea. Made by hand in Hungary, Europe with modern, natural materials and funky patterns.
  • FemCap

    The FemCap is a reusable cervical cap made of non-allergenic, durable, surgical-grade silicone. Shaped like a sailor's hat, the FemCap has a flared brim and is designed to prevent it from being dislodged during intercourse. The FemCap covers the cervix, preventing sperm from entering. Clinical trials show that, when used in conjunction with spermicide, this non-invasive, non-hormonal contraceptive device is over 92% effective in the prevention of pregnancy.

  • Femmycycle

    Le concept unique No-spill (anti fuite) de la FemmyCycle a été développé par le Dr Alfred Shihata, fondateur de FemCap Inc. La FDA a accordé sa commercialisation en 2012. La FemmyCycle a remporté un prix en 2013 l'EXPO du BIOCOM "Why Didn’t I Think of That?".

  • Femna
    Femna was founded by Emily Casey and Maxie Matthiessen, two female entrepreneurs passionate about women's health. Femna is for all women who live sustainable and healthy lifestyles. Femna is for all women who experience hormonal issues and want to treat them naturally. We believe that ailments like menstrual cramps, heavy periods, PMS, cycle fluctuations and menopausal discomfort need not be tackled with popping pills. The range of natural alternatives is huge and effective, giving women the opportunity to feel good, naturally.
  • Formoonsacup
    Thanks to Vanessa Tseng, the founder of Formoonsacup, the government in February lifted the ban on the sale of menstrual cups following an online campaign launched by 35-year-old Vanessa Tseng Ying-fan (曾穎凡). A unique inward cup fold No spill design.
  • Incostress

    What started as a daughter’s attempt to help her mother with an embarrassing condition has won many international awards and has transform the lives of thousands of others who suffer from incontinence and pelvic floor weakness.

  • Intimina

    Chez Intimina, nous pensons que le bien-être intime des femmes nécessite une attention et des soins tous particuliers. C’est pourquoi notre mission est de créer une gamme complète de produits adaptés à tous les besoins intimes des femmes et à chaque étape de la vie : de la puberté à la ménopause. Intimina est la première et unique marque consacrée exclusivement au bien-être intime de la femme. Tous nos produits ont été créés en étroite collaboration avec une équipe de médecins et de spécialistes de la santé, chacun apportant une expertise propre et complémentaire dans des domaines divers tels que la gynécologie ou la dermatologie. Depuis ses débuts en Suède en 2009, la marque Intimina s’est rapidement développée, en ligne comme dans les pharmacies à travers le monde, de Stockholm à San Jose et de Sydney à Shanghai.

  • LadyCup

    Made in EU under Swiss management, LadyCup is a new menstrual cup, designed to be introduced similarly to a tampon. Based in Prague, LadyCup is a company which also markets the brands LadyP, to be able to pee standing or lying, LadyPad, the washable pads and many more products to make women's life easier not only in those days but every day.

  • LadyP
    Made in EU under Swiss management, LadyP is an urinating device especially handy for women travelling and for women who need to lying in bed for longer periods of time. Based in Prague, LadyP is made from the same company as LadyCup, the menstrual cup, LadyPad, the washable pads and many more products to make women's life easier not only in those days but every day.
  • LadyPad
    Made in EU under Swiss management, LadyPad are washable pads made out of 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton, ideal for women with allergies or chemical sensitivities. Based in Prague, LadyPad is made from the same company as LadyCup, the menstrual cup, LadyP, that enables women to pee standing or lying and many more products to make women's life easier not only in those days but every day.
  • Lalicup
    Mateja Kalin - founder: "Since l was 12 years old, l've had a very heavy flow. I've found menstrual cups most suitable for me, even though I've cried for a bigger solution. This is the reason why I started the distribution of menstrual cups, soft tampons and pads and period panties 9 years ago….. Years passed by and my desire of perfect solution for myself has finally come to its fruition. We made a menstrual cup with greater capacity and a bigger version (L). It comes together with zipper pouch. And we are happy to share it with women around the world.
  • Lunette
    In 2004, Heli Kurjanen from finland founder and owner of Lunette was convinced that menstrual cups could be better and decided to design her own that would be easier and safer to use. The Lunette menstrual cup was born!
  • Mamicup

    Silvia Cariolato, mère de 2 enfants a commencé à utiliser des couches lavables quand son fils avait 1 semaine et n'a jamais cessé. En 2009, elle crée sa propre entreprise à Fossalta de Portogruaro près de Venise et commence à vendre des produits écologiques en ligne pour contribuer à un monde plus propre pour tous.

  • Me Luna
    Me Luna is a German company started in 2011 and it is the first menstrual cup made 100% out of TPE (termoplastic elastomer). The TPE has been developed for the production of medical and surgical items and is as safe as the medical grade silicone, but easier to recycle. Me Luna comes in a wide range of sizes, softnesses and grips and has been certified DIN:ISO 9001:2000 and by the FDA.
  • MedIntim

    La gamme MedIntim de produits est axée sur la contraception, la fertilité et la santé sexuelle. Basée en Allemagne, la marque MedIntim est connue dans le monde entier pour son gel contraceptif ContraGel qui a donné une nouvelle vie à la contraception comme étant une alternative naturelle au spermicide.

  • Miacup
    Miacup South Africa is a 100% privately-owned corporation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded in 2007, its mission is to give women the freedom that they've never had with traditional feminine hygiene products. It wants to show women that they can demand more from an industry that has seen little real innovation and few real improvements since the introduction of the tampon in the early 1900s. It is dedicated to ethical business practices and to the protection of the environment.
  • Milton
    The Milton Method has been safely sterilising baby’s feeding equipment for over 60 years and in that time has been used by millions of parents and in hospitals throughout the UK and beyond.
  • Misscup

    Coming soon...

  • Miu cup

    C’est après avoir essayé que Morgane a décidé de créer MÏU cup en 2016. Fabriquée 100% en France en silicone à usage médical à catalyse platine, elle a été redessinée avec l’aide d’utilisatrices de longue date. Disponible en deux tailles et deux souplesses afin de s’adapter à toutes. Elle lui donne un côté chic et pop, avec des noms rigolos et des couleurs féminines afin d’évangéliser la coupe menstruelle. Les matériaux sont certifiés biocompatibles et ne contiennent pas de substances allergènes (bisphénol, parfum, latex…)

  • Naturcup

    Naturcup est né en Espagne en 2010 par un groupe de femmes entrepreneurs qui croient en des alternatives saines pour l'environnement. Après avoir utilisé les coupes menstruelles pendant plusieurs années, Elles ont créé un design qui facilite l'insertion et le retrait de la coupe.

  • OrganiCup
    OrganiCup is a Danish menstrual cup brand. Our products are made of 100% medical grade organic silicone, hence we don't offer our products in any color variations other than transparent. The Organicup is soft for more comfort with a firm ring that makes unfolding a lot easier.
  • Pibella
    In January 2004, Käthi Stebler was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Until her death on July 2004, Käthi was lovingly cared for at the Cantonal Hospital in Baden. During the period of our active help, we were confronted with the bed pan which was just as hideous for Käthi as for us. When a woman has to depend on a urinating aid due to illness and in a lying position, the bed pan can be highly unacceptable for patients and nursing staff. We, René and Fabian Stebler, therefore decided to put an end to this degrading and humiliating situation for women. During two work- and cost-intensive years, we invented and developed Pibella. Thanks to Pibella, many unpleasant situations for women have now become a lot more Comfortable and bearable.
  • Rosie Rees
    Rosie Rees is a Relationship Coach and Strategic Interventionist empowering women and men on their path being single, married, loved up or sexually entangled. As a Kundalini/Hatha Yoga Teacher, Rosie's sessions can involve talk therapy, meditation, yoga postures & breathing techniques to help embody the healing. Rosie also runs monthly Womenergy workshops for Women to commune in a sacred circle with other like minded women while practising yoga and meditation.
  • Ruby Cup
    An award winning menstrual cup with a social cause! Ruby Cup is a high-quality medical grade silicone cup with the special purpose of supporting school girls in poverty. Ruby Cup was founded by three young women who have won several awards for their work and product. With an easy to grab stem and a large capacity, you almost forget you have your period! And, every time you buy a Ruby Cup, you support school girls in need. Spoil your body and get involved!
  • Sckoon
    We know you don't think comfort and reliability should be boring, and neither do we. Our trademark style is whimsy, with a bit of creative flourish thrown in for color and excitement. Not to mention our unconventional ways. Where else will you find a dog kimono? Bold prints, bright colors made with environmentally friendly dyes, and Japanese Ninja Kimonos on baby clothes are some of the fun things you'll find at Sckoon. Designed for fun, designed for you.
  • Secret Ceres
    Secret Ceres was born out of the aspiration to keep a tradition alive that women in Asia had maintained for centuries; a tradition that honours womanhood by nourishing and caring for the most intimate and precious area in a woman. A woman's sexual organs make up the centre of a woman's body. By sustaining the balance in one's centre the entire body attains balance. This concept is the foundation of our credo: BLOSSOM FROM WITHIN!
  • Slick Chicks
    The brand’s founder, Helya Mohammadian, came up with the idea one day after she finished an indoor cycling class. She felt a little un-fresh and decided she was going to change out of her underwear. As most New Yorker’s, she was on the go and wanted a convenient way to change her underwear without the frustration of waiting in line for a shower or using the overcrowded locker room to change. As a woman, anytime you are “glowing down there” it is extremely uncomfortable. More so, having to remove your workout tights and shoes to take off your underwear, which can be time consuming and frustrating. It was at that moment it clicked in her mind and the idea of easily removable underwear came to her. And so became the birth of Slick Chicks. Now Slick Chicks underwear is more than just an essential in her gym bag, it's a part of her every day life.
  • Whiz Freedom
    Originally from Australia, WhizBiz has been in business for seven years; manufacturing and distributing the Whiz and other products through Australia and the world.
  • Yes
    Sarah and Susi met in the late 80s and were long standing friends and colleagues who simultaneously reached a point in life where they wanted to devote themselves to something new, daring and worthwhile, something that reflected their values and ethics: A certified organic, plant-based natural range of intimacy products
  • Yuuki

    En 2005, Zuzana de la République tchèque a essayé une coupe menstruelle et a aimé l'idée de ne plus jamais à avoir à acheter tampons serviettes. Elle voulait quelque chose de confortable pour ses voyages et de sûr pour faire du sport. Voilà comment elle a décidé de créer Yuuki, de proposer une coupe menstruelle un peu plus rigides et avec une grande contenance. Le nom Yuuki est simplement parce que Y, U, U sont des lettres qui ressemble à une cup. Yuuki est un produit Tchèques de très bonne qualité fabriqué en silicone Allemand aux normes médicales les plus rigoureuses. Tous les procédés de fabrication se déroulent conformément aux exigences de la norme ISO 9001.

Les marques[?]