Sign up to the affiliate program. You are most probably already a menstrual cup user wanting to convert all your girlfriends and they all ask you where they could get one :) Here I give you the opportunity to help spreading the word about these amazing products and make some money at the same time.

To get started you need a PayPal account. Open a PayPal account here. Personal or businaess account works. Anyone with a credit card or a bank account can get a personal PayPal account. You just sign up and link your credit card to a PayPal account. If you don’t already have one, do get one, it’s a much secure and faster way to do online shopping. That way you don’t have to give your credit card number every time you purchase something online.

How do I earn commissions?

This shop is a drop shipping platform allowing every brand to sell their products. You can access your statistics in the affiliate area. As soon as someone place an order thru your link you get a commission.

Monthly payment Via PayPal – Earn 10%

We are offering a 10% commission based on the retail price. Every sale made thru your affiliate link will be accounted. You get paid every 1st of the month. The minimum amount required is 25€. If you don’t reach this amount, It will just add up to the following month. Your earning have no expiry date.

Please note: About the currency, no matter in what currency your PayPal account is, the funds will be credited in your currency. If your account is in Euro and a customer from the USA buys thru your link in USD, you will get your commission in your currency.

Store credit – Earn 15%

Get your commission in the form of store credit and get 15% of the retail price. If you are not interested in making money but still want to get something out of telling your friends about menstrual cups this is the perfect solution. Who doesn’t like getting free cups? You can then use your credit to get new cups or any other cool products available in the shop. Your store credit have no expiry date.

Please note: you will get the PayPal payment by default, you can switch to Store credit once logged in the affiliate area. You can switch back to Paypal payment anytime.

Coupon code for your blog – Give 10% OFF

Now if you are not interested in signing up to the affiliation program but have a blog or a network of people that could be interested in our products we can give you a 10% discount coupon for your followers to enjoy. Contact us directly with your details if you want one. You do not need to sign up for this option.

Please note: you can NOT combine an affiliate commission and a coupon code.

As soon as your account is approved you will receive a confirmation email with all the information you need to get started. Please check that your PayPal email is activated and that there is no typo in it.

Promotional material

You will have access to all promotional material once you are logged in the affiliate area. you can send your affiliate text link in an email, post it on your facebook wall, on Instagram, Twitter, on your blog if you have one etc. Whatever purchase made thru your link will earn you a commission.

If you have a website, a blog, a forum, a shop, anything where women could potentially be interested to read about cups, you can promote our shop with a selection of static or rotating banners (iframe) in various sizes for each brand we resell. It’s perfect to post on your blog sidebar as a widget, on a forum or a website as a permanent link to give exposure only to product(s) you want to promote.



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