Me Luna Menstrual cups – Size, Softness & Stem styles

Check out the full range of Me Luna cups to understand their benefits and differences before making your choice.

Me Luna is a German company started in 2011 and it is the first menstrual cup made 100% out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). The TPE has been developed for the production of medical and surgical items and is as safe as the medical grade silicone, but easier to recycle. Me Luna comes in a wide range of sizes, softness’s and grips and has been certified DIN:ISO 9001:2000 and by the FDA.

Me luna menstrual cups softness/shore


Me Luna SPORT is suitable for:
> women with strong pelvic floor muscles. Some sports and exercises develop particularly strong pelvic floor muscles, such as yoga, horseback riding, Pilates, Kegel exercises, and pole dancing.

The Me Luna SPORT has a softness of 50 Shore, and is therefore 25% more resilient than Me Luna CLASSIC. If you press the cup in your hand, it immediately springs back into shape. It is recommended for women whose athletic fitness is above average or if your pelvic floor muscles are very well toned.

This resilience makes Me Luna Sport a little more difficult to use. Its resilience also means that even under pressure of strong pelvic muscles the cup can unfold perfectly and its seal can stay in place. Even under the stress of sport and exercise.

Me Luna Classic

Me Luna Classic is suitable for most women:
> with normally developed musculature.
> with normal sensitivity (no pain or pressure with previous tampon use).

The Me Luna CLASSIC has a softness of 40 Shore (a term for describing the flexibility of plastic). A menstrual cup must unfold, or “pop open” completely inside the vagina to form a seal. The cup’s material should be firm enough to unfold inside the vagina while being surrounded by its muscles. At the same time the cup’s material should not be unpleasantly hard. A menstrual cup should not cause any feeling of pressure when in place. Ideally it should be soft enough to fold easily, with enough resilience to “pop open” inside the vagina.

Me Luna SOFT

Me Luna SOFT was developed for:
> women particularly sensitive, and for women whose pelvic floor muscles are less developed.
> Women who find using tampons uncomfortable, causing pressure or pain
> Women who are particularly sensitive to pressure and pain
> Women whose pelvic floor muscles are less developed

The Me Luna SOFT has a softness of 30 Shore, and is therefore 25% softer than Me Luna Classic. This material feels very soft and can be compressed quite easily. However, this means that the material does not have as much tension as the Me Luna Classic, and therefore sometimes does not “pop open” inside the vagina as easily.

Using a Me Luna SOFT usually requires more practice than using the Me Luna CLASSIC. If the pressure of the vaginal muscles around Me Luna SOFT is too strong, there is a risk that the cup will not properly unfold inside the vagina. Women with normal pelvic musculature should choose Me Luna CLASSIC.

What Shape: Me Luna Standard or Shorty?

In addition to our standard Me Luna cups we also carry the MeLuna SHORTY which differs from the standard model by its shorter cup length. The SHORTY is available in 2 firmness levels, 4 sizes and 3 different handles.

The shape is slightly different from the standard Me Luna. It is slightly shorter and runs tapered to a point. Due to the short cone shape it pops open more strongly and seals a little more firmly. Removal may require a little more practice under certain circumstances.

me luna shorty menstrual cups lowWe recommend the MeLuna SHORTY for women whose vagina is shorter than average for various reasons or whose cervix is located close to the entrance of the vagina. For example users who had a prolapsed uterus (uterine descent), may find the SHORTY Me Luna to be a better option than standard cups. Check out menstrual cups who offers models for low cervix

Which Me Luna grip to choose? Basic, stem, ball or ring?

Stem, ringm basic and ball from Me Luna cup

Basic – Smooth bottom with gripping lines for women who don’t feel the need for any type of stems. See which menstrual cup offers no stem options.

Stem – is recommended for women who prefer to wear Me Luna very deep, or whose cervix is positioned very far back in the vagina. Beginners who are anxious about removing Me Luna might prefer the stem grip. By the way – if the stem is too long or bothersome, it can be easily trimmed to your preferred length. See which menstrual cup offers regular round (full or hollow) stem options

The ball – is our most popular grip style as it’s a petite, solid and round so it can’t dig in. It can be cut off if you prefer no stem. See which menstrual cup offers ball stem options

The ring – is easy to grasp and can make removal easier, so it is often preferred by beginners. Me Luna designed a little handle called NUPSI specially adapted to be hooked in a secure way to the ring stem to ease the removal for people feel the need. See which menstrual cup offers ring stem options

What size to choose: S,M,L,XL?

Me Luna comes in a wide range of styles and sizes a very for good reason: Every woman is different! For any menstrual cup to be effective, choosing the right size is vital.

Me Luna menstrual cups size chart

A cup that is too small…

  • will not seal properly
  • may slide down or twist
  • can be difficult to remove when placed very deep

A cup that is too large…

  • cannot fully unfold inside the vagina
  • can cause discomfort or even pain

The heaviness of your menstrual flow does not necessarily determine your size. You may have a heavy flow, but a large cup may not be able to unfold properly, and you might find a larger cup uncomfortable. By contrast, your flow may be light, but if you use a smaller cup and it is too small, it might change position or not seal properly.

Me Luna size S

Capacity: 23ml / Diameter: 38mm / Cup length: 45mm

is one of the smallest menstrual cups worldwide. Slim, petite physique, no vaginal births, light menstrual flow, very good pelvic floor muscles.

Me Luna size M

Capacity: 28ml / Diameter: 41mm / Cup length: 48mm
is still one of the smaller menstrual cups in the world, but it offers 28ml volume. Me Luna size M is used by women who have a medium menstrual flow. Women whose body is be described as medium build, and have a normal pelvic floor muscles can use the Me Luna size M.

Me Luna size L

Capacity: 34ml / Diameter: 44mm / Cup length: 51mm
is mainly used by women who already had vaginal births and women who have heavy menstrual flow, and their physique can be described as normal or strong. The diameter of the Me Luna size L is 44mm. Therefore, it can also be used by women with weak pelvic floor muscles.

Me Luna size XL

Capacity: 42ml / Diameter: 47mm / Cup length: 56mm

Me Luna XL is used by women who already had vaginal births. Women, which have a very heavy menstrual flow, whose physique can be described as normal up to strong. The diameter of the Me Luna size XL is 47mm. If the length not cause any problems, it also can be used at considerably weakened pelvic floor muscles.

The Me Luna SHORTY is slightly shorter than the standard Me Luna menstrual cup, It allows women with a shorter vagina or lowered cervix to wear a menstrual cup comfortably.

Shorty S: Capacity: 15ml / Diameter: 38mm / Cup length: 35mm
Shorty M: Capacity: 18ml / Diameter: 41mm / Cup length: 38mm
Shorty L: Capacity: 22ml / Diameter: 44mm / Cup length: 41mm
Shorty XL: Capacity: 42ml / Diameter: 47mm / Cup length: 44mm

Compare the sizes of Me Luna with other brands on our menstrual cup compare chart.

To choose the right size, several factors should be considered:

BIRTHS: Because the vagina is stretched when giving birth, it may change shape, meaning that a larger cup is needed. In most cases, after a vaginal birth you will have to change to the next larger Me Luna size.

PHYSIQUE: Small, petite women often use sizes S or M. Women who are tall and strong tend to prefer larger sizes. Body size and stature seem to have an impact on the required size of a menstrual cup.

FITNESS LEVEL: Sports activities affect overall stability of your connective tissue, as well as general muscle tone. Sports and exercise have a strengthening effect on the pelvic floor muscles, particularly horseback riding, yoga, Pilates, Kegel exercises, and pole dancing. Women who have stronger pelvic floor muscles usually prefer a smaller menstrual cup.

AGE: It is commonly said that the size of choice for menstrual cups is dependent on age, with the reason that muscle tone decreases with age and therefore older women will need a larger menstrual cup. However, our evidence leads us to believe that there is no demonstrable connection between age and the need for larger menstrual cups.

Women with small physiques, whose stature has not changed and have had no vaginal births, may well use size S until menopause. Similarly, a young woman might be tall and strong, and might use Me Luna size L successfully from a young age.

For women who have never had sexual intercourse, we recommend the size S (possibly Me Luna SHORTY). Ideally it should be soft enough to fold easily, with enough resilience to “pop open” inside the vagina. Lily cup One is also another menstrual cup specially designed for young girls.

CERVIX HEIGHT: It is important to find out if you have a high cervix or low cervix before choosing any cup. Read my article: Your cervix and menstrual cups to find out how to measure it and which menstrual cup would be more adapted to your body.

PPssstt! Still can’t make up your mind?
The Me Luna starter set is perfect if you never used a cup and don’t exactly know which size or style is right for you. Get 2 Me Luna menstrual cups at a discounted price: 13.25€/pc instead of 17,50€/pc. Meluna Starter set Classic or Shorty and Me Luna Starter set Sport

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