Menstrual discs VS Menstrual cups

The Menstrual cups and menstrual discs both have the same function: collecting menstrual flow. However they work in a very different way. Let me highlight their pros and cons, as well what sets them appart.

Ziggy cup VS Menstrual cups


What menstrual cups and Ziggy Cup have in common?

  • Collect menstrual flow without interfering with your vaginal flora.
  • Made of hypoallergenic and safe to use medical grade silicone.
  • Reusable for years, therefor Eco-friendly.
  • Similar cleaning and care.


3 key points that makes the Ziggy Cup different.

1/ It sits in a different place inside the Vagina.

Menstrual cups sit low in the vaginal canal and stay in place thanks to a slight suction, which is why you have to pinch the cup when you remove it to break the seal. The Ziggy Cup works in a completely different manner. It is inserted all the way against the cervix and stay in place by being “clipped” behind the pubic bone in the vaginal fornix (the widest part of your vaginal canal at the base of your cervix). To remove the Ziggy cup just insert your finger, hook the rim and slowly pull it out, keeping it horizontal in order not spill its content.

menstrual cup vs menstrual placement 1

2/ The insertion is a pinch, not a fold.

In order to insert a menstrual disc, pinch it in half, push it all the way back, and then rest the top of the rim behind your pubic bone.

Menstrual cups, on the other hand, must be folded in half or like a “taco” and then inserted. The directions also call for rotating the cup a full 360 degrees to make sure that the rim is completely unfolded. Read my 6 steps user guide on how to use a menstrual cup.

menstrual cup vs menstrual folding 1

3/ You can have sex while wearing it.

Ziggy cup don’t block the vaginal canal since it’s sitting all the way up against the cervix a bit just like a contraceptive diaphragm would. So it is possible to have mess-free sex while wearing it. Menstrual cups sit in the vaginal canal and must be removed before having sex for obvious reasons (Ouch…).

Please note that Ziggy Cup is not a contraceptive barrier and doesn’t protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. It is a menstrual protection that allows you to have mess free sex and keep your bed sheet clean ;)
menstrual cup vs menstrual mess free sex 1

Pro & Cons

In my opinion, the Ziggy Cup is revolutionary innovation in the realm of healthy alternative and reusable period protection that will help cater even more women. I’m always praising the benefits of menstrual cups all over this website, so you can go and read all about cups on other articles for instance: 20 reasons to switch to menstrual cups. Right now I just want to point out precisely the pros and cons of the Ziggy Cup.

Ziggy Cup Pros

  • Its capacity of 76ml beats any other menstrual cup.
  • It has a double leak proof rim (Mind you Lily Cup One has it too)
  • Because it covers a wide area, Its one size is most likely to fit more people.
  • Because it sits right under the cervix, it is most likely to be usable for woman with vaginal prolapse, or any other issues that would have made the use of traditional cups difficult or impossible.
  • It needs no suction to stay in place, (no seal to break at removal unlike a cup.)
  • Great for short cervix since it just cups it and has nothing sticking out.
  • It comes in a nice silicone case to keep it when not in use.
  • Last but not the least, you can have sex with it.

Ziggy Cup Cons

  • Because it sits higher and in a more horizontal position the removing process is a little more tricky.
  • Needs to be handled with care at removal. (if it’s really full it could easily spill over.)
  • I am speculating that if you have a high cervix it will be a bit more of a mission to reach the rim and pull it out, but I will find out soon once I try it.

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