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Obsidian yoni egg
Sourced and made ethically in Mexico
Size: S, M
pierced or unpierced (if you want to string your egg with unscented dental floss for an easy removal)
Please note that these eggs are made by hands and can vary in shape and size but we garantee their quality.
You can get a set of 2  S+M for a discounted price of 49€

If you want to know how to use yoni eggs read our article Yoni eggs for dummies

The properties of black obsidian

Black Obsidian draws hidden imbalances to the surface and releases them. The blackness of this stone enhances the ability to reach your inner self. It is one of the earliest known stones to be used for scrying (seeing into the future). Black obsidian is useful for developing the strength needed to stand on your own convictions against any enemy (hidden or otherwise). It primarily focuses on the root chakra, and it aids in healing issues caused by unprocessed Shadow material. This stone is known to help dispel self-judgement and self-sabotage. Spiritually it facilitates psychic cleansing, grounding, protection, and spirit communication.

Black Obsidian powerfully eliminates negative energies in oneself and one's environment. It is like a psychic vacuum cleaner, cleansing the auric field of disharmony, negative attachment, astral "junk", as well as one's own anger, greed, fear, resentment, etc. It is a strong grounding stone that is known for stimulating the root chakra to make its connection with the Earthstar chakra below the feet, and deep into the core of the earth. Black Obsidian is also a strong stone of spiritual protection. It helps bring one's own shadow material out of exile, allowing it to be transmuted through the heart. It aids in recalling the exiled bits from the unconscious, even from past lives. This is a great aid to healing the body and the soul.

Obsidian is also used to locate blockages of the aura. The energy of obsidian is protective, guarding and secure. It is good to have around in a working environment where there may be stress. It can also be used as a tool to aid grounding, and for uniting body and spirit, bringing them into harmony and focus. Obsidian cuts through all that is superfluous and brings us right back to the truth of how we are and how the world around us truly is. It may promote deep soul healing and also help connect with past lives.

Obsidian is formed when volcanic lava comes into contact with water; this forces it to cool so quickly that it doesn’t have time to crystallize resulting in a stone with a shiny, glassy texture.

What is black obsidian used for:

    •    Removing trauma
    •    Clearing negative energy
    •    Psychic protection
    •    Protection from negativity
    •    Locating blockages in Aura
    •    Balancing the base chakra (root chakra)
    •    Having it in a workplace removes and clears stress
    •    Releasing resentment from others and fear
    •    Stimulating the gift of prophecy
    •    Removing negative attachments that have built up in your aura
    •    Removing emotional blockages


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