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Product description

Menstrual cup LadyCup Giftset
Made in Czech Republic 
100% medical grade silicone
Size: S, L
Color: Transparent, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Lilac, Neon
*Limited editions*: Sweet strawberry, Wild cherry, Summer plum, Wild honeysuckle, Touch of lavender, MoonStone Blue, Sunflower, Gold, Day, Night

Ladycup giftsets combine menstrual products in three different set, for those friends still undecided whether to try the menstrual cup! 
More details about the single products you will find below the 3 giftset's descriptions.

One LadyCup GIFT SET "ALL IN ONE" contains:

  • One LadyCup menstrual cup, size S(mall) or L(arge),
  • 100% cotton bag where to store the menstrual cup,
  • Intimate wet LadyWipe (5 pieces),
  • LadyProtectors (12 pieces), 
  • Milton sterilising tablets (28 pieces),
  • Antibacterial gel with instant effect LadySanitizer (50 ml),
  • Intimate body and menstrual cup care LadyGel (300 ml),
  • Water-based lubricant LadyLube (50 ml), 
  • One 
attractive gift bag 
  • Multi-lingual instructions for the menstrual cup.


One LadyCup GIFT SET with Milton sterilising tablets contains:

  • One LadyCup menstrual cup, size S(mall) or L(arge),
  • 100% cotton bag where to store the menstrual cup,
  • Intimate wet LadyWipe (5 pieces), 
  • LadyProtectors (12 pieces), 
  • Milton sterilising tablets (28 pieces), 
  • One 
attractive gift bag 
  • Multi-lingual instructions for the menstrual cup.


One LadyCup GIFT SET with LadyGel contains:

  • One LadyCup menstrual cup, size S(mall) or L(arge),
  • 100% cotton bag where to store the menstrual cup,
  • Intimate wet LadyWipe (5 pieces),
  • LadyProtectors (12 pieces),
  • Milton sterilising tablets (2 pieces),
  • intimate body and menstrual cup care LadyGel (300 ml),
  • One attractive gift bag 
  • Multi-lingual instructions.

Menstrual cup LadyCup

Made in Czech Republic
100% medical grade silicone 
Size: S, L Color: Transparent, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Lilac 
*Limited editions*: Sweet strawberry, Wild cherry, Summer plum, Wild honeysuckle, Turquoise, Touch of lavender, Sunflower. 
Price starts at 24.99€ for the transparent menstrual cup but varies for other colors and packs.

  • 100% full-value alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons
  • The most modern intimate hygiene product for ladies
  • easy to use
  • “Regardful of the environment” – lifetime of up to 10 years if maintained correctly
  • Ecological and economical - return on the purchase price of LadyCup® after only 4/6 months
  • Silicone of maximum flexibility
  • Optimum size and design with a smooth surface for easy use and maintenance
  • Made of the highest quality German medical silicone, used exclusively in the medical and food industry

Intimate Wet LADYWIPE
 with Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

Intimate Wet LadyWipe gently cleanses the intimate area and reduces irritation, providing long lasting freshness, protection, pleasant feeling and comfort. It is recommended use in the office, on travels… It respects the natural pH of your intimate and sensitive area.

Use with your LadyCup: Clean the menstrual cup LadyCup with Intimate Wet LadyWipe. After cleaning, it is important to let the menstrual cup dry before inserting it again.

  • care and comfort every day
  • suitable and safe for menstrual cup
  • extra soft
  • alcohol-free
  • pH 5.5

LadyLube lubrication gel

LadyLube water-based is a highly efficient gel with optimum pH, soluble in water (without fat), with very good skin tolerability. We recommend using the gel to facilitate introduction of the menstrual cup, especially the size S(mall).

Milton sterilization tablets
Sterilization tablets sterilize your menstrual cup in 15 minutes with no risk of damaging it by boiling. Milton disinfection has already been used in hospitals for 30 years, and its antibacterial efficiency against all germs is clinically proven. On top of being safer, Milton sterilization tablets are more efficient than simple boiling, which does not kill all germs.


Small: for women who have not given birth to a child or women up to 25 yo.
Capacity: 21.2ml / Diameter: 40mm / Cup length: 47mm / Total length: 68mm

Large: for women who have given birth to a child or who are over 25 yo. 
Capacity: 34.3ml / Diameter: 44mm / Cup length: 53mm / Total length: 70mm

The stem, of size 19 (L) and 13mm (S), can be shortened arbitrarily to the length you find most suitable. The stem can be removed entirely, as well.
Please pay attention and shorten the stem properly so that no damage to LadyCup occurs! Use a sharp knife or scissors to shorten the stem.


Worldwide shipping from 2.99€ via Czech Post from Czech Republic and further via national postal service in each country of the world with tracking number.
Delivery time is about 5-7 days to Europe and 12-14 days for the rest of the world.
Final shipping cost will be calculated at checkout depending on the quantity you order.


Guarantee for the material is 2 years. The lifetime of the product is up to 15 years, given its regular and proper maintenance. In case you choose the wrong size, we will replace your LadyCup free of charge.

Who is behind LadyCup

Made in EU under Swiss management, LadyCup is a new menstrual cup, designed to be introduced similarly to a tampon. Based in Prague, LadyCup is a company which also markets the brands LadyP, to be able to pee standing or lying, LadyPad, the washable pads and many more products to make women's life easier not only in those days but every day.

Donnez votre avis

  1. Complete set to forget tampons

    Posté par Maria on 28th Nov 2012

    I've just received "ladycup giftset IV". It has arrived in a suitable packaging and products are in a kind of plastic toliet bag, very useful.
    I've been using ladycup for 2 years now, and wanted another one for a present, so "giftset" was a great idea. I'm very happy using my ladycup, I wish I had bought it before.
    Advantages: you can use it up to 12 hours each time, it's really easy to introduce and "pull out" (the first time was not so easy to "pull out" for me, but then I found my way to do it and it's really easy, and it doesnt't hurt at all (I can't say the same of tampons), it's not painful, you forget that you are using it, it's soft for your body and healthier than tampons, as it is made of a medical silicone.
    Disadvantages: Initial price, BUT you can use it for ages, so in the end it's not expensive at all, as you can use the menstrual cup your full period all over the year, year after year, if you clean it properly and sanitize it as recommended.

    For me it is the best alternative to tampons.

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