Compare menstrual cup brands

There is no such thing as a universal perfect menstrual cup, they all have their pros and cons because every woman is unique. It’s up to you to find the menstrual cup that will “fit you like a glove”. Believe it or not, I have actually tried hundreds of cups over the years and I have listed only the ones I have tested and know where they come from.

How do I choose my cup?

The following metric table compares all the main menstrual cup brands around the world. The variety of choice available can quite overwhelming so I have carefully curated legit brands who offers different features in order to cater for most woman.

There are many factors to consider other than sizes, like cervix height. Read my tips and use the table filters to help you pick the best possible fit.

Narrow your menstrual cup search using some of the filters below:
Brands | Softness | Cervix | Stem | Country

You can click on any column’s icon to sort the data the way you want. For example Click on the capacity icon (the drop icon), the first time you will see from the smaller to bigger capacity in ml. The second time you click it will show from the bigger to smaller. Please note : you will have a better overview on Desktop.

Formoonsacup 2nd edition SOFTU42ml46.9mm70mm49.99€BUY NOW50.9mmMediumSoftRingTaiwan
Formoonsacup 2nd edition FIRMU42ml46.9mm70mm49.99€BUY NOW50.9mmMediumMedium50RingTaiwan
Formoonsacup PackS10ml36mm70mm56€BUY NOW55mmMediumFirm60RingTaiwan
Formoonsacup PackM20ml44mm73mm56€BUY NOW54mmMediumFirm60RingTaiwan
Formoonsacup PackL30ml48mm73mm56€BUY NOW52mmMediumMedium50RingTaiwan
LadycupS21.2ml40mm65mm25€BUY NOW46mmLowMediumRoundCzech Republic
LadycupL34.3ml46mm66mm25€BUY NOW53mmMediumMediumRoundCzech Republic
LalicupS27.4ml40.3mm71.5mm31€BUY NOW46mmLowMedium50RoundSlovenia
LalicupM36.5ml44.2mm73mm31€BUY NOW51mmMediumMedium50RoundSlovenia
LalicupL40.1ml46mm73mm31€BUY NOW52mmMediumMedium50RoundSlovenia
LalicupXL51.1ml48.3mm93mm31€BUY NOW62.5mmHighMedium50RoundSlovenia
Libby cupA14ml45mm83mm24€BUY NOW46mmLowMedium40RoundUnited Kingdom
Libby cupB20ml40mm77mm24€BUY NOW40mmLowMedium40RoundUnited Kingdom
Libby cupC14ml37mm88.8mm24€BUY NOW32mmLowSoft40RoundUnited Kingdom
LilycupA28ml40mm78mm30€BUY NOW60mmHighMediumRoundUnited States
LilycupB32ml43.5mm78mm30€BUY NOW59mmHighMediumRoundUnited States
Lilycup OneU20ml39mm25€BUY NOW45mmLowSoftRingUnited States
Lilycup CompactA18ml42mm58mm30€BUY NOW48mmLowSoftRoundUnited States
Lilycup CompactB23ml45mm58mm30€BUY NOW48mmLowSoftRoundUnited States
Me Luna SOFTS23ml38mm57mm17.50€BUY NOW45mmLowSoft30multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SOFTM28ml41mm61mm17.50€BUY NOW48mmLowSoft30multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SOFTL34ml44mm66mm17.50€BUY NOW51mmMediumSoft30multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SOFTXL42ml47mm71mm17.50€BUY NOW56mmHighSoft30multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna CLASSICS23ml38mm57mm17.50€BUY NOW45mmLowMedium40multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna CLASSICM28ml41mm61mm17.50€BUY NOW48mmLowMedium40multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna CLASSICL34ml44mm66mm17.50€BUY NOW51mmMediumMedium40multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna CLASSICXL42ml47mm71mm17.50€BUY NOW56mmHighMedium40multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SPORTS23ml38mm57mm17.50€BUY NOW45mmLowFirm50multiple options
Me Luna SPORTM28ml41mm61mm17.50€BUY NOW48mmLowFirm50multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SPORTL34ml44mm66mm17.50€BUY NOW51mmMediumFirm50multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SPORTXL42ml47mm71mm17.50€BUY NOW56mmHighFirm50multiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SHORTYS15ml38mm17.50€BUY NOW35mmLowmultiple optionsmultiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SHORTYM18ml41mm17.50€BUY NOW38mmLowmultiple optionsmultiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SHORTYL22ml44mm17.50€BUY NOW41mmLowmultiple optionsmultiple optionsGermany
Me Luna SHORTYXL27ml47mm17.50€BUY NOW44mmLowmultiple optionsmultiple optionsGermany
Mermaid Cup SOFT116ml42mm76mm20.00€BUY NOW53mmMediumSoft50RoundMalaysia
Mermaid Cup SOFT220ml46mm80mm20.00€BUY NOW56mmHighSoft50RoundMalaysia
Mermaid Cup FIRM116ml42mm76mm20.00€BUY NOW53mmMediumFirm60RoundMalaysia
Mermaid Cup FIRM220ml46mm80mm20.00€BUY NOW56mmHighFirm60RoundMalaysia
Mermaid Cup Guppies SOFT124ml45mm64mm20.00€BUY NOW40mmLowSoft50RoundMalaysia
Mermaid Cup Guppies SOFT228ml48mm64mm20.00€BUY NOW40mmLowSoft50RoundMalaysia
Mermaid Cup Guppies FIRM124ml45mm64mm20.00€BUY NOW40mmLowFirm60RoundMalaysia
Mermaid Cup Guppies FIRM228ml48mm64mm20.00€BUY NOW40mmLowFirm60RoundMalaysia
Miu CupP’tite18ml41.3mm65mm24.00€BUY NOW44mmLowMedium70RoundFrance
Miu CupGrande27ml46mm66.5mm24.00€BUY NOW50mmMediumMedium70RoundFrance
Miu CupP’tite18ml41.3mm65mm24.00€BUY NOW44mmLowSoft60RoundFrance
Miu CupGrande27ml46mm66.5mm24.00€BUY NOW50mmMediumSoft60RoundFrance
MyVCupS20ml41mm69mm22.65€BUY NOW47mmLowMedium52RoundFrance
MyVCupL30ml46mm74mm22.65€BUY NOW52mmMediumMedium52RoundFrance
Naturcup016ml40mm66mm27.00€BUY NOW56mmHighFirm60BallSpain
NaturcupI23ml43mm75mm27.00€BUY NOW65mmHighFirm60BallSpain
NaturcupII27ml47mm75mm27.00€BUY NOW65mmHighFirm60BallSpain
RubycupS24ml40mm65mm28.95€BUY NOW46mmLowMedium50RoundSpain
RubycupL34ml44mm68mm28.95€BUY NOW51mmMediumMedium50RoundSpain
Stonesoup WingsU30ml45mm50mm16.00€BUY NOW50mmLowSoft40No stemIndia
Stonesoup WingsU30ml45mm50mm16.00€BUY NOW50mmLowMedium50No stemIndia
Stonesoup WingsU30ml45mm50mm16.00€BUY NOW50mmLowFirm60No stemIndia
Yuuki CLASSIC124ml41mm67mm22.80€BUY NOW49mmLowFirm60RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki CLASSIC237ml46mm74mm22.80€BUY NOW56mmHighFirm60RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki ECO CLASSIC124ml41mm67mm17.80€BUY NOW49mmLowFirm60RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki ECO CLASSIC237ml46mm74mm17.80€BUY NOW56mmHighFirm60RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki ECO SOFT124ml41mm67mm17.80€BUY NOW49mmLowSoft40RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki ECO SOFT237ml46mm74mm17.80€BUY NOW56mmHighSoft40RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki SOFT124ml41mm67mm22.80€BUY NOW49mmLowSoft40RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki SOFT237ml46mm74mm22.80€BUY NOW56mmHighSoft40RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki RAINBOW124ml41mm67mm24.90€BUY NOW49mmLowSoft40RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki RAINBOW124ml41mm67mm24.90€BUY NOW49mmLowFirm60RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki RAINBOW237ml46mm74mm24.90€BUY NOW56mmHighFirm60RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki RAINBOW237ml46mm74mm24.90€BUY NOW56mmHighSoft40RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki RAINBOW ECO124ml41mm67mm18.90€BUY NOW49mmLowFirm60RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki RAINBOW ECO237ml46mm74mm18.90€BUY NOW56mmHighFirm60RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki RAINBOW ECO124ml41mm67mm18.90€BUY NOW49mmLowSoft35RoundCzech Republic
Yuuki RAINBOW ECO237ml46mm74mm18.90€BUY NOW56mmHighSoft35RoundCzech Republic

Tampons VS Menstrual cups

Even the smallest menstrual cup have a greater capacity than the most absorbent tampon. Keep in mind that the choice of your menstrual cup size has more to do with your body shape and size than your flow unlike tampons. It’s a combination of both factors.

See in the table below the absorption of a tampon compared to a menstrual cup capacity in ml. Even the smallest of cup can hold more than Super + tampon.

9 to 12 ml
12 to 15ml
Libby cup (C) | Me Luna SHORTY (S)
+15 to 18ml
Mermaid Cup SOFT (1) | Mermaid Cup FIRM (1) | Naturcup (0) | Lilycup Compact (A) | Me Luna SHORTY (M) | Miu Cup (P'tite)
Doesn't exist
More than 18
Formoonsacup Pack (M, L) | Libby cup (B) | Lilycup One (U) | Mermaid Cup SOFT (2) | Mermaid Cup FIRM (2) | MyVCup (S, L) | Ladycup (S, L) | Me Luna SHORTY (L) | Lilycup Compact (B) | Me Luna SOFT (S, M, L, XL) | Me Luna CLASSIC (S, M, L, XL) | Naturcup (I,II) | Mermaid Cup Guppies SOFT (1, 2) | Mermaid Cup Guppies FIRM (1, 2) | Rubycup (S, L) | Yuuki CLASSIC (1, 22) | Yuuki ECO CLASSIC (1, 2) | Yuuki ECO SOFT (1, 2) | Yuuki SOFT (1, 2) | Yuuki RAINBOW (1, 2) | Yuuki RAINBOW ECO (1, 2) | bfreecup (2, 3) | Lalicup (S, M, L) | Me Luna SHORTY (XL) | Miu Cup (Grande) | Lilycup (A, B) | Me Luna SPORT (M, L, XL) | Formoonsacup 2nd edition SOFT (U) | Formoonsacup 2nd edition FIRM (U)

Google Map pinning most menstrual cups manufacturers around the world.

Menstrual cups popularity has increased greatly in the last few years and they are now available worlwide. Many great brands with innovative designs are now available, From collapsible cups to ball shape designs, there is a perfect fit for every woman.

Have a look at my comparison table above where you can see them listed in table sorted by size, capacity in ml, country, prices and more.

Check out the google map where I pinned location of the main menstrual cups brands worldwide. I keep it up to date regularly. Click on the fullscreen icon to open it in google map for an easier viewing.

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