kubeczki menstruacyjne
What is a cup?
This little silicone cup replace your tampons or pad to collect your menstrual flow.
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kubeczki menstruacyjne
How to use
6 step guide on to insert, remove, wash and maintain your menstrual cup properly.
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kubeczki menstruacyjne
More and more women around the world are now using menstrual cups and spreading the word about them.
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kubeczki menstruacyjne
10 reasons why menstrual cups are safer for your body than disposable tampons or pads.
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kubeczki menstruacyjne
You won’t generate waste using a menstrual cup. Just wash and reuse for up to 10 years.
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kubeczki menstruacyjne
Around 20 times cheaper than tampons or pads, there are no reasons to not switch to the cup.
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