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Hecho en España
100% silicona médica
Tallas: 0, I, II,
Color: Sin color 

La caja de Naturcup contiene

  • la copa de la talla que tu elijas
  • una bolsita fabricada en algodón orgánico para guardar tu copa.
  • un prospecto con las instrucciones de uso en seis idioma

TALLA 0: Para mujeres menores de 18 años que no mantienen relaciones sexuales de forma habitual y no tienen un flujo menstrual muy abundante.
TALLA I: Para mujeres de 18 a 30 años que no han tenido parto vaginal.
TALLA II: Para mujeres mayores de 30 años, o de cualquier edad después de un parto vaginal.

Largo de la copa
Largo total
O 15ml 40mm 56mm 66mm
I 22ml 43mm 65mm 75mm
II 25ml 47mm 65mm 75mm

A partir de los 30 años recomendamos la talla II porque de forma natural, entorno a esta edad, las caderas de la mujer ensanchan y los músculos de la vagina pierden un poco de elasticidad, aunque nunca haya tenido hijos.

SIZE 0: For girls under 18 who do not have regular sexual intercourses and have a light flow.
Capacity: 15ml / Diameter: 40mm / Cup length: 56mm / Total length: 66mm

SIZE I: For women from 18 to 30 who have not given birth vaginally.
Capacity: 22ml / Diameter: 43mm / Cup length: 65mm / Total length: 75mm

SIZE II: For women over 30 or who have given birth vaginally.
Capacity: 25ml / Diameter: 47mm / Cup length: 65mm / Total length: 75mm

We suggest size II after you are 30 because hips expand naturally as we get older and vaginal muscles loose elasticity even if you had never given birth.

We ship all over the world for a flat fee of 6€.
We send our orders every Friday by Spanish postal service, it takes 5-10 days depending or which country in the world you are located.
Your parcel will be shipped from Spain thru Correo.

Naturcup offers a 6 month guarantee

What does the guarantee cover?
• If after having tried it during 6 cycles you are still not satisfied.
• If you have leaks with the size that was recommended according to your age and childbirth history.
In both cases we ask that you contact us before the end of the guarantee period, to try to solve the problems.

What Is Not Covered?
1. Damage to the cup caused by inadequate care. For example: Boiling the cup more than 5 minutes, Leaving your cup within reach of animals.
2. Leaks due to the purchase of a size smaller than what we recommended according to your age and childbirth history. For example:
Buying the size 0 if you are less than 18 and have sexual intercourse frequently
Buying the size If you are over 30.
Buying the size If you had children vaginally.
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  1. Perfect fit

    Publicado por Desconocido on 18th Nov 2015

    I got the smallest size because even though I'm over 18 and not a virgin, I find all of the other sizes too big (as in uncomfortable to remove). I was scared it would leak but it doesn't - even though the material seems slightly softer than the moon cup (which was the brand I bought previously). I also like the ball end because it's easier to grab onto and like the other reviewer said, it's more comfortable than cutting off the stem. Also this website is great that it has all the options and customer service was very good.

  2. Just...perfect!

    Publicado por R. on 2nd Feb 2015

    It's my second menstrual cup and I am totally satisfied with this one. I was looking for one with a ball stem s the usual stem hurts a little bit even if I cut it.
    Also, great customer service!

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