Lalicup Emilla special edition


Lalicup Emilla special edition


Lalicup menstrual cup is available in 4 sizes. Innovative design that folds easily into a smaller shape thanks to its 12 vertical lines to ease the cup insertion. Larger suction holes for an easier cleaning and an elastic stem for more comfort. A unique wine color made in Partnership with Emilla


Menstrual cup Lalicup – Emilla special edition
Made in Slovenia
100% medical grade silicone
Size: S,M,L,XL
Color: Wine

Lalicup Key features

  • folds easily into a smaller shape for insertion
  • has 12 vertical lines to folds easily into a smaller shape for insertion
  • larger holes at the the top of the cup for easy cleaning
  • great capacity and therefore it doesn’t leak in a case of a stronger menstrual flow
  • soft elastic stem for maximal comfort
  • pouch with zipper that does not accumulate germs, allergens or other impurities
  • first menstrual cup designed and proudly produced in Slovenia

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Additional information


S, M, L, XL


S: for women with light menstrual flow. It is suitable for teenage girls who haven’t had sexual intercourse yet, haven’t given birth yet and have smaller physical constitution.
Capacity: 27.4ml / Diameter: 40,3mm / Cup length: 46mm / Total length: 71,5mm

M: for women who have normal to strong menstrual flow or have already given vaginal birth.
Capacity: 36,5ml / Diameter: 44,2mm / Cup length: 51mm / Total length: 73mm

for women who have very strong menstrual flow and have already given vaginal birth.
Capacity: 40.1ml / Diameter: 46mm / Cup length: 52mm / Total length: 73mm

XL: designed for women with high cervix and very heavy flow.
Capacity: 51.1ml / Diameter: 48.39mm / Cup length: 62.5mm / Total length: 93mm

The measuring lines for capacity with milliliters is written on external side of the cup:
Model S has 2 lines: for 5ml and 15ml
Model M has 2 lines: 5ml and 15ml
Model L has 2 lines: 10ml and 20ml
Model XL has 2 lines: 15ml and 30ml


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