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How to use the stem during menstrual cup removal?

The focus is usually put on its insertion but what goes in has to go out so let’s talk about how to use the stem during menstrual cup removal. Many women think the stem is there to pull the cup entirely out. It’s not exactly true. Find out more here and first of all let’s talk about the stem. Let’s put things clear: you shouldn’t remove the cup by pulling on the stem alone....

History of feminine hygiene products

Hard to believe since menstruation is nothing new, but until recently women have been left to fend for themselves to figure out how to deal with the practical issues presented by their monthly flow. That is, what to do with the blood. From scraps of rags to natural materials such as sea sponges, women (and some creative men) have devised a number of ways to handle menstruation. Currently there are...


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